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Kids Lunches

Monthly Archives: December 2016

Fast Lunch box ideas for Busy Parents

If you need to find some healthy and fast lunch box ideas for your kids’ lunch, you have stumbled upon the perfect article. We have made a short list of delicious lunch box ideas that will not take away a lot from your time. The first one on our list is the pizza roll recipe. This is an interesting Italian ...

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Lunch Box Ideas for Special Days

You already know how to prepare the meals that you put into yours and your family’s lunch boxes, and you know it by heart. But, what about some special days and holidays? Don’t you want to surprise your loved ones with a different lunch box ideas and recipes? Here, some tasty recipes that will help spice things up a bit ...

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 Show Your Love with a Xmas Evening Lunch Box

We chose for you some really tasty recipes for preparing the most delicious Xmas lunch box. Check them out and decide which one is the one that you will try and surprise your family and loved ones. Fennel and Sausage Seed Slices What you will need: One tablespoon of fennel seeds 375 grams of rolled pastry sheet 400 grams of ...

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