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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Are Low Carb Lunch Boxes Good for Kids

Eating healthy should start with young age. Creating healthy eating habits can do wonders for the body. Today a lot of lunch boxes for kids as well as snacks are choosing the healthy option rather than the carb and sugar option from the past. There is definitely an advantage to low carb lunch boxes when preparing food for your kids ...

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 Lunch Box Ideas for young Adults

lunch box ideas for young adults

Coming up with innovative lunch box ideas all the time can be a bit tricky, because if you are not really into cooking that much, you will eventually run out of ideas. That is why we have prepared this list of easy yet healthy and delicious recipes which are considered as favorite recipes among young adults. The first recipe includes ...

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The Best Lunch Box for Preventing Acne

Ever thought that you can prevent the appearance of blemishes by preparing lunch box for preventing acne? Clear skin is not something that happens over night, so changing the diet for one day and expecting visible results the other Is just impossible.  However, hydrating your skin quite often, eating healthy foods on a daily basis and avoiding processed food and ...

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What are Some of the Best Adult Lunch Box Ideas

Coming up with new ideas about creative lunch box recipes can be tiring, and that is why we have come up with a short list of the best adult lunch box recipes that are currently the most popular among individuals all over the world. The first meal on our list is a noodle salad. It is a Vietnamese recipe and ...

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 What is the Difference Between Lunch Boxes and Bento Boxes

difference between lunch boxes and bento boxes

So it seems that there is a real difference between lunch boxes and bento boxes. Most people believe that bento boxes are just pretentious yet regular lunch boxes, but the difference is inevitable, and after reading a bit about bento in comparison to a regular lunch box, you will easily spot all of the dissimilarities. Bento boxes are obviously food ...

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