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Kids Lunches

3 Healthy & Easy Lunch Recipes (Vegan & Gluten Free!)

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  1. Anyone wanna be YouTube buddies? :)) tell me once you’ve subbed and I’ll
    sub back asap! 

  2. *Thumbs up if you’re in the under 301+ club & LOVE Meghan!* This video was
    so creative 🙂 Would A N Y O N E wanna be YouTube friends?? *you inspired
    my vids*

  3. madisonkatebeauty

    love the video!!

  4. this is the ONLY typical beauty guru “healthy” lunch ideas video that is
    truly healthy!! cause they are VEGAN <3 andd I'm also gluten intolerant as
    well as vegan. this was perfect :))) 

  5. You said in the downbeat that you are grain free but you used quinoa in
    this recipe… Did you mean gluten free?

  6. What song at 00:34

  7. loved these sooooo yummy

  8. LOVE YOU SO MUCH MEGHAN❤️❤️ Does ANYONE want to be youtube friends?!<3 I
    sub back 🙂 ! 

  9. I love when you post vegan/gluten-free things, because that’s what I can
    eat! No more seeing stuff I want to make and having to figure out my
    alternatives 😉 thanks, lady!

  10. You should do unhealthy desserts bahaha

  11. NEW VIDEO! A long awaited healthy eating video! See 3 of my favorite lunch
    recipes that are easy & HEALTHY!

  12. HILARY DUFF!!!!!!!! #oldschoolmusic 

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    ps. I have put this on more than one video, just spreading the love 🙂
    God Bless :)

  14. How in the world are you going to be able to eat the salad in the Mason jar
    without making a huge mess? Wouldn’t it be hard to mix it all together?

  15. how tf do you eat that salad

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  17. Add some avocado to that corn and bean salad! It’s delicious!!

  18. I don’t understand all these mason jar salads people are making. HOW do you
    eat it?!
    don’t tell me you take it out on a bowl because thats wasting time stuffing
    into a jar.

  19. You always look beautiful meghan, but you look SUPER, SUPER beautiful in
    this video :)

  20. I like cooking vids but im not really all about the vegan/ gluten free part
    of this vid tho. But yea anyways I would like to see more cooking vids

  21. You looked gorgeous in this meghan ❤️❤️

  22. Also, quinoa is a grain! Your meals are definitely gluten free but not
    grain free!

    THIS FAD????

  24. The onky reason you put it in a mason a jar, and in that order is so it
    doesn’t get soggt, and is still fresh. Yes, you have to pour it out, but
    again it’s only to keep it fresh. Not so it’s cute. This is just for those

  25. how the heck do you eat the salad out of that mason jar…

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