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3 Soups to Eat Cold out of your Lunch Box

Soup is the type of winter-warmer that is your go-to in the colder months to make sure you and your children are getting enough nutrients from all those hearty root vegetables to survive the chill. For this reason mainly, soup is often reserved for the dinner table to be served toasty and warm. Therefore, you don’t often think about packing soup in the lunch box for worry of it tasty yucky and going gluggy through the day. This certainly won’t appeal to your kids in their lunch box. But they can be served in other ways as well. Check our Soups to Eat Cold out of your Lunch Box.

However, while cold soup may seem like a contradiction, this article is here to prove that concept wrong. Cold coups are actually incredibly tasty and can be made in the warmer months as well as a way to ensure your kids are still getting all their vegetables in their diet.


Cold soups are also really quick and easy to make so they are perfect to prepare the night before and pop in your kid’s lunch box for the next day at school. Check out these top three recipes for soups to eat cold out of the lunch box.


Chilled yellow tomato soup


yellow tomato soup Gazpacho - one of three Soups to Eat Cold out of your Lunch Box

yellow tomato soup Gazpacho – one of three Soups to Eat Cold out of your Lunch Box

Using six large, ripe yellow tomatoes, two tablespoons of sugar, three tablespoons of rice vinegar, and a hint of salt and pepper, this delicious soup can be whipped up in the blender and kept in the fridge before serving. You don’t even need to turn the stove on with this easy recipe, just puree it all together. You can also add some diced avocado, mini-cucumbers, or cherry tomatoes to garnish for extra flavour.

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Cantaloupe soup with lime and basil


This soup combination is a huge with children and they will love eating it out of their lunch box. With three cups of cubed melon, ¼ of a cup of plain yoghurt, some powdered ginger, zest and juice of a lime, you have the basis of a delicious fruity soup that is jam-packed with nutrients. Add some mint leaves and basil leaves as well as honey for sweetness and your kids will love these unique flavours in a tasty cold soup. All you need to do is puree all these ingredients in a blender and you’re done!


Cucumber soup with mint yogurt


An often-underrated vegetable is the key ingredient of this cold soup. Take a small cucumber, some chopped chives, fresh mint, parsley, a cup of milk, ½ a cup of sour cream and ½ a cup of yogurt and blend them all together in a food processer. This soup is really tasty with all the herb flavours and also really healthy for kids as it is loaded with important calcium and unsaturated fats.

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