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4 Healthiest School Lunch Ideas for Kids

With more and more children opting for packed lunch for their school, it’s a clear realization what an important contribution the healthiest school lunch box ideas make. Having said that coming up with innovative ideas to keep your kids interested in their school lunch is very challenging. Its easy for kids to fall for tempting junk food and other ready-made options laden with high salt, high fat, saturated fatty acids, and sugar.

Therefore, its important to emphasis on healthiest school lunch to provide vital nutrients needs for the growing generation. The healthy and simple food when tucked into the little compartments of your lunch box can give your child much-needed treat.  In this articles, we will share four healthiest school lunch ideas for kids.

1. Adorable Animal Sandwiches

Kids are always interested in something new and something exciting so how about luring your little one with animated sandwich meals. Use cucumbers, tomatoes, sauces to give faces to every sandwich that goes into your child’s lunch box along with colorful strawberries, cherry tomatoes, carrots, apples to make a wholesome lunch. You can also create pancake sandwiches with their favorite fillings alongside the fruits and muffins.

2. Paleo Balanced Meals

No, you don’t have to really force your kids to go on heavy paleo diets but you can slowly cut the processed food. A healthy food consists of proteins, fats, and nutrients from vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish. So, store some fresh vegetables and dry meat pieces in the form of rolls or salad to give your child a completely nutritious and tasty food.

3. Healthy Sandwich Alternatives

If you have been serving your child sandwich for years and he finds it boring to give it to his friend or bring it back home, it’s time to try your hands on other alternatives. Try putting biscuits, crackers, and pretzels with some cheese, meat, and butter to make it wholesome. You can also add some fruits such as berries, plums to substitute other sweet treats in the lunch box. The key is to simply be innovative and mix and match nutritious food with something that your kid likes.

4. Pasta wheel and Ham Strips Bento lunch

No one can refuse the delicious ham and pasta meals and just imagine creating a bento lunch box. You will not have to worry about your kids playing with their food as long as its going into their mouth. The best part such bento lunch doesn’t even require chopsticks. You can also add salsa and beans inside the taco roll for the tasty surprising treats. Consider adding tuna salads as they are not only tasty but really healthy for growing kids.

Give your child a quick, fast and convenient freshly prepared lunch box with these easy healthiest lunch box ideas. You can also consider adding cheese sticks, apple, and pineapple sticks and leftovers from last meal into small bites. Colorful salads, DIY pizzas and fruity nibbles and pancakes are some of the health choices which can also turn into a tasty treat that your kid will never leave behind.

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