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Kids Lunches

5 Easy & Healthy Snacks for Kids!!! (Featuring my 6yr old Emelyn)

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  1. LoveMelisaMichelle

    OMG love her. 

  2. OMG…… cuteness overload! 

  3. Oh my goodness! Could she be any cuter? Hope you guys are feeling better

  4. Jen Luv's Reviews

    Love these! Such great ideas! And your daughter is adorable! I have a 6
    year old too. Such a fun age! :)

  5. She is so smart and well spoken! Should do more kid’s food videos!

  6. awwww Emelyn.. 🙂 I can see her having her youtube channel someday. 🙂
    She’s so smart and definitely enjoys the camera.. she’s very passionate on
    her explanations. 🙂 

  7. Omg so cute and super loud I was really loud when j was little!! CUTE!!

  8. She was born for this role. Super cute!

  9. Yummmyyy. You did a great job emelyn

  10. Why thanks for the snack ideas Emelyn!! I will recommend this to my little
    guys 🙂 <3 My little guy loves the Greek Yogurt && honey and he loves
    hummus and pita chips! 

  11. Too cute…Emelyn is ADORABLE!!!

  12. MissHarlemBeauty

    Great video Emelyn!

  13. She’s adorable!!!

  14. Great snack ideas! Emelyn is just so cute!! Hi Emelyn! Great video! <3

  15. gisselle portillo

    Good job Emelyn great ideas!!! Just like mommy!;)

  16. Such a cutie!. Will def be trying some of those snacks for my kiddos:)

  17. Oh my goodness…I can’t even deal with how adorable this was! She is too
    cute and did such an awesome job!!

  18. Cutest thing ever! Great snack ideas!

  19. So wonderful love it

  20. The most adorable thing ever , I’ll have to try this with my son 

  21. awesome job Emelyn! I’m going to try the greek yogurt snack. Thanks:)

  22. Omg such the presenter!! She could be the next big tv personality =)

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