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Kids Lunches

5 FAT LOSS DINNER RECIPES — Monday Through Friday :)

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  1. lean secrets girl should be lean… right? 

  2. This all looks so good since I’m fasting #ramadan

  3. why is she overweight tho

  4. i have a question is white rice bad for you? my mother cooks white rice
    because shes from honduras and i dont ive always wondered that and my
    father cooks red rice. although when my mother cooks the white rice she
    includes it vegetables .

  5. it would really help if u list the ingredients in the bio

  6. What can I use instead of tacos? I’m not keen on them :((
    Chime in anyone:))

  7. My mouth is watering right now or maybe its because I’m hungry lol. But it
    all looks so good!!! 

  8. Awesome video

  9. Loving that salad!!!!!!

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    powders, pills, or potions. Go and Google Fat Blast Furnace to find out

  11. I love your cooking videos, please keep them coming :)

  12. sesame oil burns

  13. what is teh calorie count for each meal?

  14. my beleave is that if you make good tasting food you’ll eat more. make
    something boring insteas ^^ works for me

  15. Valerie Colegrove

    Where can I find the actual recipes at?

  16. Communities Need To Be Educated About The Importance Of Healthy Foods…

  17. Brittany Atkinson

    I have two questions…I don’t have a food processor but I have a health
    master blender do you think I could use that to make the mashed
    cauliflower? Also is there a video out there of how to cook the
    cauliflower? But I love the video, and I am hoping to make some of these
    recipes for my mom. 

  18. Ana Celeste Ferrari

    thank you great easy recipes XO

  19. How many calories does each meal have?

  20. Omggg I wanna try everything! ^-^

  21. really good stuff

  22. I’ve been binge-watching you videos today! I’M IN LOVE!!!

  23. What are the green leaves yu used first called?

  24. u use sesame oill for flavour not frying try groundnut oiil.

  25. Can you share the measurements on everything you put in the dressing?

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