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Kids Lunches

5 Healthy Back To School Lunch Ideas!

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  1. YOU and JOSH are my OTP! 🙂 Does A N Y O N E wanna be YouTube besties??
    ahahh :))


  3. Oh how I wish we could take our own school lunch to school here. We get
    food for free in school and that’s great because some families simply can’t
    afford buying food and nutritious dishes for their kids. But some schools
    do really have the weirdest dishes served, like mine, and sometimes I just
    want to bring things like thisssss

  4. I loved the music, editing and lunch ideas! 🙂 Such a creative video<333
    Would anyone like to be YouTube friends? :)

  5. Саша Смит

    At my school in Russia, we do not have tables on the street, no stadium, we
    have school uniform by default which can not be changed, we are not allowed
    to dissolve the hair, do not allow bright notebooks carry, we have no right
    to choose

  6. The name of the 2 first songs? 

  7. 2 totally Awesome girls

    What’s the song on3:03

  8. This totally copied Bethany’s video. The pictures are the exact same 

  9. wheres you headphones from

  10. It’s quite beautiful hair

  11. Does anyone know the song at 0:40 ?

  12. Does anyone know where I can get these kind of containers here in Europe?
    Because we don’t have Target :)

  13. Anyone want to be youtube friends? Hehe:))

  14. i cant find the granola bar recipe anywhere :(

  15. Does anyone know the song right at the very beginning and the song at like
    2:34? Also how do you use songs normally without them being pitched without
    getting copyright?

  16. How to grow long healthy hair FAST video???! ILYSM 

  17. Where did you get the containers? So cute!

  18. Song at 4:41?

  19. What is the two first songs

  20. what is the song at 2:31 called

  21. where’s you get the lunch containers?! They’re so cute

  22. Happiness Entertainment

    Is it just me or is the tortilla green?

  23. Where is your shirt that your wore in your intro from? It’s adorable!

  24. I loved the containers. Anyone know where they’re from?

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