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Kids Lunches

5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies!

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  1. The Domestic Geek

    *5 Breakfast Smoothie Recipes*!

  2. The Domestic Geek

    *5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies*

    Try a different smoothie recipe Monday – Friday!


  3. Are we supposed to peel the kiwi first then freeze? Or freeze it then peel?

  4. purple smoothies were my fav :)

  5. Oh can i replace blackberries with raspberries?

  6. are these smoothies good for weight loss ?

  7. FollowTheSpidersxo

    Why isn’t she HUGE on youtube yet!?? This is the best video I’ve seen in
    such a long tine

  8. Gladys Cyrene Dagal

    OMG I just drooled

  9. forgot to ask can I freeze thm altogether in one bag so im ready to blend

  10. A little goodness to start your day.

  11. what brand and type of greek yogurt did u use?

  12. Thank you for the tutorial, your attitude is so nice and peppy:))

  13. Do you freeze your sliced banana as well? 

  14. Are all these foods organic?

  15. Can I use regular milk for Wednesday smoothie?

  16. Yum! I’m subbed :)

  17. Instead of using vanilla Greek yogurt could i use just normal strawberry

  18. SpottedBrownie owo

    You don’t need all that yoghurt x_x

  19. yikes I like to add my kefir to my smoothies yum yum and all those
    probiotics. thnx for sharing you are so cute and energetic I like your

  20. Just a small tip: for thursdays smoothie, you can add some cranberries for
    more antioxidents and a flavor burst!!! 😀 thank you for naking this video,
    im definitley going to try this! :DD

  21. Schrödinger the cat

    These are way way cool!
    What can I use instead of the greek yogurt for the texture and protein?
    I’m not vegan or vegetarian or anything, but I can’t have dairy.

  22. Fernanda Garcia Romero

    Hi! Could you pleeeaseee do one video with coconut milk??? 

  23. You are very charismatic……

  24. i love your channel! just subscribed yay!!

  25. So good! You make good videos for food! I love it

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