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Kids Lunches

5 Healthy & Delicious Recipes To Get Fit!

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  2. If only you lived closer! 

  3. Lets get healthy together!


  5. I love this video! these are great ideas. come over and make them. 

  6. That looks really delicious!

  7. the chicken looked so good ugh you just made me hungry ily remi x

  8. Your so fun to watch! I make healthy videos on my channel too girlfrann!
    love you missy!

  9. JocesparklesXoxo

    Hold On. Ugh Ily YOUR HAIR

  10. The straw was 3 dollars?!

  11. Hey Remi! I have a Language Arts Project for school and we have to make a
    movie trailer. I was wondering how you edit and upload from your phone?
    What kind of apps you use. If you could answer those questions that could
    be amazing! Love you!

  12. Good luck on your weight loss journey!!! Hope you stick with it!!! You can
    do it!!!
    I use to be overweight, and now I can say that I am a healthy weight. I
    would recommend getting inspiration from some YouTubers, like Scola Scondo,
    Blogilates… Etc. GOOD LUCK!

  13. is cream of wheat like porridge? because i don’t think we get that in

  14. I love these recipes! <3 Thank you 4 sharing them with us ^^ :*

  15. Remi, i have been watching you for years and i think that you are so pretty
    and i admire you so much. I am here your whole entire journey to getting
    healthier. i am definitely gonna try these out! Stay beautiful. Stay funny.
    and together we will stay healthy. one thing that i have been doing id i
    have been drinking these Sparkling ICE naturally flavored sparkling
    Mountain spring water it is 0 calories and is filled with Vitamins and
    Antioxidants they are really good and a nice refreshment instead of soda.
    so im with you they whole way remi! 

  16. I have a question what’s the point of using almond milk and yogurt made
    with cow’s milk… Do you enjoy the taste more…

  17. Marie louise Hansen

    Omg i just found you!!! I looove ur vidssss!!!!! Yasssss thank god i found

  18. awesome!! I love videos like this! and I love the fact you used Fifth
    Harmony songs! lol huge harmonizer :P

  19. OMG!!!! Lol a mcdonalds commercial came on b4 this heathy video! Lol!!!!

  20. Nice video 🙂 , and you look korean , are you? 🙂 love the necklace

  21. AWESOME video this helps so much!! Thank you!!

  22. not gonna lie ive been doin the same & grilled chicken & rice after a while
    tastes way better than friend chicken & fries. i think the best way which
    has been workin 4 me is small portion size every 3-4 hrs. but regardless
    screw dem h8ers, youre pretty as you are lol.

  23. NOMMIEEEES ♥ that salad looked legit delicious!!!!! loved everythinggg

  24. I loved this so so much! It all looked so delicious omg <3

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