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5 Lunch Box Ideas from Other Continents

No matter the time zone, place or situation lunch time means one thing everywhere. The time we take a break from our busy lives, get out the fork and knives, chopsticks or our hands and dig in our lunch box.  One of the really interesting things about lunch box is that it usually represents the culture of the country where is eaten. From colorful bento boxes in Japan to homemade curry packed in aluminum bowls. We too can experience the richness and the taste of unknown lunch box ideas and different cultures with the simple 5 lunch box ideas from other continents.

Japan ( Asia)

Bento boxes are traditional lunch boxes used by school kids and workers all around the world but the traditional and original bento box originates from Japan. You can find bento boxes in restaurants as well at small shops at train stations.  The latest trend with bento boxes is creating an edible masterpieces in the form of famous Japanese cartoon characters, famously called kyaraben. Bit if you want a more traditional approach to bento boxes, you will need:

White rice.

The white rice is really simple to prepare. You need to wash your rice three times and let it soak for 30 minutes. After, you cook it a high heat until it boils. After it boils, reduce heat and stir. Let it sit for 15 minutes on low heat with a lid on.


You can use whatever kind of fish you want for your bento box, but usually in Japan they use salmon. The easiest way to cook your salmon is to broil it. Just preheat your oven’s broiler  and cook the salmon for 3 minutes

Pickled vegetables

The fun part of bento boxes is your choice of pickled vegetables. You can use whatever you like. You can make your own pickling liquid. Just mix vinegar, water, salt and sugar ( only if desired) and bring to boil. Put vegetables into jars and pour the liquid.

Italy ( Europe)

When talking about food and Europe it is safe to say that Italy will be mentioned. Italy has a rich food culture and depending on the regions you can find really tasty food. There isn’t a typical lunch dish in Italy. You can eat leftovers from dinner the night before, or buy delicious pizza or a panini. One of the easiest recipes to make and feel Italian is a panini. Just pick your favorite bread,  add tomatoes, mozzarella and pesto. Use a panini press and you are ready to go.

Brazil ( South America)

Brazilian cuisine is a fusion of European and African influences. With it’s rich tradition you can expect taste explosion when tasting traditional Brazilian dishes. The lunch is the main meal in Brazil and they can change from region to region. Usually they eat:

Pao de Queijo

These are small balls from dough with cheese in the middle. Only thing you need to do is form them and baked them in already preheated oven. Bake for 30 minutes


Combination of chicken and potatoes that are mashed and formed into balls and fried

Feijão Tropeiro

Scallions, egg, and bacon sautéed with cassava flour and pinto beans on high heat

United States of America ( North America)

There is one thing that comes to mind when mentioning lunch in America and that is peanut butter and jelly sandwich. America is one of the countries where you can find a variety of food and styles of cooking but the favorite among children and some grown ups is still the famous sandwich shortly called pb&j. There are a lot of healthy replacement for the standard peanut butter that are really delicious. For this recipes you only need bread of your choosing, peanut butter and jelly that you like. Simple and delightful.

Morocco ( Africa)

Moroccan cuisine is a mix of African, Andalusian, European and Mediterranean  cuisine. In their style of cooking you can surely notice the fresh vegetables and fruits they produce. Base for their dishes are meats and seafood. Another important part for their cuisine is the spices that give extraordinary flavor of their meals. Some of the most famous dishes they eat for lunch are:


You can cook couscous either in water, stock, olive oil or butter.. You just have to bring the liquid to boil and let the couscous to steam on the heat with occasional stirring.

Tajine dish

Tajine or tagine is the earthenware pot that they use to slowcook stews usually consisted of some kind of meat and vegetables. The combinations are endless. For best taste you can use cumin, ginger, paprika and lemon peel. You have to cook the dish on high heat.

Voila – now you have more than enough different lunch box ideas to cook in a whole month!

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