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Kids Lunches

9 Healthy Snacks for Back To School

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  1. 9 Healthy Snacks for Back To School!!! Let me know which one is your
    favorite? #healthyliving 

  2. yellow ball in the middle

  3. Hey Roxi!!! Can you PLEASE do a BTS fashion must-haves? Please:))

  4. Where’s the bottle from when she’s doing the water w cucumbers and lemons?

  5. Roxy where did you get the cream cheese with Greek yogurt? I’ve never seen
    that brand before. Also what brand granola do you use? You should
    definitely do a back to school outfit and hair/makeup you are so beautiful
    and have amazing style

  6. Where do i find the bottle for the detox drink?

  7. daniella battaglia

    I love how you were watching mirandasings! So funny

  8. I love the layout of this video like the variety of snacks for each break.
    And I love how your recipes are different from other Back to School videos.
    I will definitely try the salad!!! P.S. I loooove granola too!!

  9. Make a video of healthy dinner ideas!

  10. Finally someone does it and I love this

  11. Love the protein box from Starbucks, such a great idea to make your own!
    Great video Roxy! 

  12. Hey roxy, i was just wondering. when are you gonna announce the winner for
    the bean boozled? , Answer pleas/ Ily :*

  13. Won’t Some of the foods taste gross like strawberries and mandarin oranges
    with egg??? In the salad it’s not so good of an idea in my opinion but I
    haven’t tried it so idk

  14. Great ideas!! I love infused water- it tastes AMAZING! Strawberry and lemon
    is really yummy too :)

  15. Definitely do a first day of school outfit ideas ! 🙂 ily Roxy 

  16. That salad looks really good

  17. Back to school outfit ideas 🙂 !

  18. yes! Thank you for this 🙂 btw loved how you were eating all the snacks you
    made lol most people just show how they make it 

  19. I got u to 1k likes

  20. I’m super excited to try these amazing foods! I already love parfaits but
    I’m so stoked! This is the first vid I’ve seen of yours and I already know
    that ur a great beauty guru, fashionista, advice giver? Thx Uv made my day

  21. That salad looks amazing

  22. I love you Roxy I watch your videos all the time! <3

  23. Your videos are the best! They make me die of laughter! Keep up the good
    work. ” Yellow ball in the middle.”

  24. Under 301 club!

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