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Kids Lunches

9 Minutes Kids Lunch Box Ideas

When it comes to preparing kids lunch box ideas, every mother tries to cook up something that is nutritious, tasty and can be prepared quickly. Children are fussy eaters. They do not like the greens; neither do they like to see the same item in lunch two days in a row. So how will you ensure that they get the required nourishment and bring back an empty box? It might seem like a mammoth task, but if you have some trick up your sleeves, then it will become as easy as a child’s play. Here, you will learn about some dishes, which can be prepared under 10 minutes and are appropriate for kids’ lunch.

Mediterranean Panzanella

If you can whip up a salad that has not only fresh vegetables but also has spicy pita bread in it, you can be rest assured that your kids will finish up their lunch. In this version of the Mediterranean Panzanella, you can use cherry tomatoes, feta, cucumbers, and olives. If your kids like sprouted beans, you can add that too. The fresh veggies will stay crunchy until the lunch break, and they will get the minerals easily. The tastes of the salads can be amplified by using the appropriate seasonings.

Salmon and Herb Salad

If your child is not fond of tuna, then this is the right option that will find a place in the kids lunch box ideas list. Precooked salmon is readily available in the market. Grab some salmon and add pepper, beans, tomatoes, herbs and cook the whole ensemble in a pan for few minutes. Pack the dish in lunch, and you will find an empty box every single day. The salad can also be accompanied with some pita bread.

Chicken Burrito

Children need high protein in their growth years. Most make faces when handed a glass of milk. The second-best alternative is chicken. This white meat has all the right nutrients that you kids need. The shreds of chicken are mixed with cheese, avocado, and some seasoning. Onions and peppers can be added for enhancing the taste. Place a large portion of the mixture in the burrito and grill on medium to high heat for a tasty treat.

Mixed Fried Rice

Many are not aware of the fact that a medium portion of rice will keep the kids going for the entire day. Nowadays, mothers are considering mixed fried rice as on of the many interesting kids lunch box ideas. You can mix any meat or vegetable and fry it with leftover rice. The preparation is fast, nutritious and tasty. In short, it has all the qualities that a kid’s lunch preparation must possess.

Corn and Bean Quesadillas

Quesadillas make good lunch box items, but after some time, your kids will start looking for uniqueness. You need not possess the skills a chef to bring a twist in the tale. Mix liquid cheese, some black and green beans with corn and onion, with a hint of salt and a drizzle of olive oil and you will be able to prepare a corn and bean quesadillas with ease. It is a filling meal that will tantalize the kids’ taste buds.

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