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Kids Lunches

After School Snack Ideas! 2015

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  1. Hope you guys like this video! Stay tuned until the end to get FREE FOOD?!?
    Also leave in the comments below what your favorite stuff to snack on is 🙂
    I love you guys! 

  2. Not trying to be a hater but… first of all the snacks with nuts were
    salted so it made that worse, and second of all the ICE drinks are horrible
    for your body and have sugar no matter if it says there is zero calories.
    Plus this didn’t really count as a D.I.Y or anything, I feel as if this
    video was boring because they are just everyday snacks. It wasn’t very
    creative in my opinion. Just saying, please don’t kill me in hate comments
    trying to defend. 🙂 

  3. your editing is always on point teach me your ways!!! x

  4. glittermakeupforever15

    My favorite snack is frozen Greek yogurt covered strawberries! They are
    Amazon just like you!!!

  5. Can you do a Valentine’s Day themed $20 makeup challenge or just a regular
    makeup tutorial ☺️

  6. Your lipstick is way past your lip line, no offense really, just saying…

  7. your editing is always on point (:

  8. Love this girl! I love how you edit, soo prefect! :)

  9. beautyaddictxoxoxo

    Your editing is perffffff, love ya girl

  10. Girl every time you upload a video my heart jumps i love all of them 🙂 

  11. Awesome love you oh yeah your lipstick too! Gawwjj! Love the video! Editing
    skills were PERF! Lol first comment yay! Where’s meh cookie?? LMFAO. Xoxo

  12. Ilysm!! Ur such an inspiration! Keep making videos! I will definitely use
    these ideas!

  13. Your channel always brings a smile to my face 🙂 

  14. Can you subscribe to me if you did I would die

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  16. Lindseymakeupxoxo


  17. Great video.. My favorite snacks are these oatmeal bars with dark chocolate
    drizzle on top. Let me tell you it taste amazing .

  18. I just love to eat some chips when I get home. I know it’s bad

  19. My favorite snack are sparkling water flavored. Oh aleeza when are you
    going to say the winner s for your huge hoilday video cause I checked and
    it was not their.

  20. i live in the UK and the code isn’t available in this country :(

  21. Guys I’m going to giveaway MAKEUP ONCE I HIT 500 SUBSCRIBERS 

  22. It’s sponsored? Does that mean you don’t really recommend it?

  23. Girl, I love you, but, your lipstick is way past your lip line…

  24. Editing is on POINT!!!

  25. *Nice ideas!!:)*

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