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Kids Lunches

After School Snack Ideas! (Healthy Options!)

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  1. OMG is she wearing a Cartier love bracelet?

  2. When does school end in the USA???My school ends at 2 o’clock in the

  3. Does anyone know where she got her flannel 

  4. Anyone know if she has acrylic nails? And what type of shape are they

  5. Lol, she’s like a failed mix between Bethany & Meredith 

  6. Omg Bethany Mota inspired her snack idea vid from u! 😀 the apple
    sandwiches one. 

  7. Im sorry but.. these are not healthy at all..
    -The apples were good but the chocolate chips ruined them.. and you don’t
    need to put that much peanut butter
    -The egg salad was completely unhealthy.. just because eggs have protein it
    doesn’t make them healthy.. trust me google it and the mayo is a terrible
    option too.. and lettuce doesn’t make it any better.
    -The sandwiches were just a no.. your better off making a whole sandwich..
    doing that cute mini thing would take me about 10 minutes.. turkey isn’t
    always the best option also.. ham is probably even worse.. then again the
    protein does not matter… where is the fiber in the sandwich and the
    veggies with fruit.. sorry but not a healthy option ;(

  8. When are beauty gurus ever practical?

  9. Guys pause at 8:21!! (x

  10. I really don’t want to be mean because she obviously put a lot of effort
    into this but let’s be honest, most of that stuff is not healthy at all,
    and do all americans actually eat so much junk food and peanut butter ? I
    have hardly ever seen someone eating peanut butter where I live ^^ 

  11. Diana velazquez Zamora

    Are her nails natural?

  12. Hey guys, here’s an alternative for an actual healthy and quick after
    school snack: an apple
    Yeah, it’s quick, healthy and gives you lots of energy for homework..

  13. And here I am eating chips xD

  14. don’t you have lunch once you’re back from school? or dinner?

  15. am I the only one that comes home, grabs some form of junk food, then goes
    to my bed?

  16. Can’t wait to come home from a long day of school and make a bunch of mini
    sandwiches on sticks to enjoy by my lonesome. Seriously just take a piece
    of bread, put something on it, and shove it in your mouth. Boom. After
    school snack.

  17. Does anyone else think Amanda sounds arrogant in many of her videos?

  18. OMG! You look like Ashley Tisdale! :O

  19. Let’s be honest here, after school we usually just wanna lay down and go to
    sleep, like really who got time for this, like other people have said just
    grab and apple. Thumbs up if you agree

    beautiful! I loved her hair and her outfit too!

  21. Childrenofworld2014

    so cute, what song is it in the beginning?

  22. No one says “When I come home from school. i want a healthy snack”

  23. Hey Mandz. I think when you wear light blue it really makes you eyes pop.
    omg ur gorge tho

  24. What’s with all the hate?!? She took the time to make it for you guys and
    you’re being mean. Plus it’s a free country so who cares if she wears
    makeup, I think it looks great!!

  25. Is that hair? @7:24?

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