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Authentic Greek Salad Recipe : Modern Mediterranean Recipes

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  1. Good recipe. I would leave out the cheese, and would use fresh peppers
    instead of roasted.

  2. i’m sorry but this is not an “Authentic Greek Salad”. i’m from Greece and
    we don’t put any mustard or garlic in the salad!! the right ingredients
    are: tomatoes, cucumber, olives, olive oil, peppers, feta, oregano, salt
    and pepper! nothing else!! just that!

  3. I stopped watching this video as soon as she said mustard. Who the hell
    uses mustard ? I’m Greek, that’s not a Greek (horiatiki) Salad. WTF is
    going on here?? Stop ruining our salads 

  4. Chloe Emmanuelle

    She’s so hot! Lol…can I get the measurement please? 


  6. Excellent

  7. ingredients not included

  8. yummy

  9. not understood

  10. Greek salad: tomato cucumber peppers feta vinegar oregano and oil

    if this is Authentic i am an astonaut:P

  11. U r so pretty! I am going to try to make the salad

  12. thick look so good.

  13. Looks delicious. It helps if you give the measurements of each ingredient.
    Stating, “a little of … really doesn’t help a beginner like myself.

  14. Yea, a recipe would be nice…

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