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Awesome Lunch Box Ideas for Young Women

Let’s face it, we could all use a little more time and a little more energy to get through the day. And since we can’t really do anything about time, we are turning our focus on energy. Eating clean and nutritious can boost your energy levels and keep you on top of things throughout the day. That is why packing a lunch box is not for kids anymore and is increasingly becoming a thing among young professionals. Here are some awesome lunch box ideas to keep you energized through the day.

1. Burgers

There is a stigma coming with the word burger to mean unhealthy. But have no fear we have a fresh spin on the classic fast food. Use some fresh chicken and avocado with some whole grain buns. You can also add some salad in or separate, depending on your preference. The chicken, avocado combo will give you great energy to be on top of your game and will make for a satisfying lunch. Treat yourself with some apple slices for a snack after and to keep healthy and your vitamins in check.

2. Muffins

No one has ever said no when offered a muffin, but you might want to keep yours to yourself because our idea for a lunch box of muffins is delicious. If you are in the mood for a sweet lunch but still want to be full and not find yourself reaching for a second lunch after an hour or so. Peanut butter, banana, oat muffins are great, healthy and sweet.

They also have enough calories to keep you full. The good thing is you can prepare them overnight and you don’t have to think about preparing lunch in the morning. Make sure you also pack a fresh fruit for snack as well or grab a fresh orange juice on the go to complement your lunch.

3. Pasta

Women love pasta, we just do, no explanation needed. And every lunch box idea that has pasta in it, is an awesome lunch box idea. Prepare a chicken pasta salad if you have some leftover chicken from last night. That way you are using leftovers and still get a proper lunch. You can also use some salsa hummus dressing to go with your chicken pasta salad. 

If you don’t want to mix your salad and dressing from home, you can get one of those small dressing containers to keep your lunch box nicely packed and keep your dressing fresh until lunch time. Another idea for a pasta salad is a broccoli pesto salad if you want to skip the chicken on this one. Anyway make sure you also pack some fresh fruit to go as a snack with your lunch, after all the greatest joy of packing a lunch box is filling all those compartments with delicious, healthy snacks.

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