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Kids Lunches

Back to School | Easy Vegan Lunch Ideas

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  1. Can you do a video on shopping for healthy food (as a college student or
    someone on a budget)? I don’t make much money and as a college student,
    it’s difficult to spend all your money on food when you need it for books
    and supples. 

  2. THIS HELPS SO MUCH! I’m a 7th grader who is transitioning into a vegan
    myself. And I am so glad I found this video!

  3. Love these ideas! They’re more realistic for a person coming from a non
    vegan diet.. I’m seeing a lot of “raw vegan” diets where they eat like a
    whole watermelon for a meal.. which is cool for them, it’s just not
    realistic for me and for most people.. I’m currently trying to transition
    from vegetarian to vegan so this is great! Also coming from a busy college
    student I appreciate that they’re all really simple to make! ;)

  4. I don’t find all these cool things like tofurkey and vegan burgers and mama
    chia and all that here in Spain. 🙁 I’m lucky when I can even get my hands
    on soymilk, almond milk and regular tofu. 

  5. wow you make being vegan easy!!
    more people should go vegan omg its not that hard!!

  6. Oh my goodness you can pack my lunch haha

  7. Love these ideas! Although I can’t get my hands on many of the products, I
    found it very inspiring :-)

  8. Hi everybody! I am a french student currently conducting a project which
    goal is to change opinions and break clichés about the vegan lifestyle, I
    would really appreciate if you could help me and answer these 10 questions
    survey please: https://fr.surveymonkey.com/s/GBRGZF8 thank you so much :)

  9. A friend sent this to me, I am 🙂 the kid (grown up), But I would love any
    of these for me Thank you, and i love your video’ s thanks until next time!

  10. Quinoa, black beans and roasted veggies. Or Steamed greens (cabbage, kale)
    with couscous, chickpeas, veggies and sprinkle of seeds dressed with lemon

  11. I bet she gets this all the time but she is beautiful thank you for the

  12. yumm i love fruit snacks i need to try those annies ones :)

  13. tomato pasta with olives, red peppers and basil 😀 yummy!!!

  14. tritawan ruttivut

    Great options! Love ideas, thank you ;D

  15. Thanks! I recently became a vegan and I found this very helpful! I felt
    better about what I ate throughout the day :)

  16. Thanks for the ideas and introducing some fun stuff to add on . :-)

  17. This was SO helpful, thank you!!

  18. I love being vegan even though when I had first told my dad I wanted to be
    vegan he wasn’t to excited about it but yea

  19. I enjoy sliced apples with almond butter or peanut butter. The meals ideas
    look great!

  20. I love all of your videos! They are so easy to watch and listen to you are
    just so great keep up the good work! I enjoy all the time!

  21. I make vegan burritos or make giant rice/veggie salad bowls for lunch, but
    you gave me some awesome new ideas!!! :D

  22. Thank you so much! I definitely want to try tofurky, those fudge packets,
    and mama chia juices… I normally bring soup from last nights dinner, or a
    peanut butter banana sandwich with cinnamon with a handful of almonds, pop
    chips, and whatever fruit I can find. I will definitely try these out!

  23. Veronica Castillo

    very helpful thanks~!!

  24. Good vegan lunch ideas, this is going to wrk for me while in school!

  25. CherishtheworldDaly

    I like just bringing a watermelon (: people say it’s kinda strange but I
    feel really good after eating it so I’ll keep on. 

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