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Kids Lunches

Back To School: Healthy After School Snacks! (or breakfast ideas)

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  1. Absolutely love this video ♥️♥️♥️and what is that blender called?! 

  2. guys, if you dont workout i would recomend not to use the whey protein.
    when you workout, it helps to get the muscles bigger but if you dont, it
    will make you gain weight really fast

  3. that banana ice cream looks deeelish! and so easy

  4. melissa is protein good for your body?or is there protein that can be

  5. These look delicious, I’m drooling.. And I love how you put chocolate chips
    into almost everything! But really, I think that’s a good idea. Instead of
    depriving myself as a chocolate lover, I should get in moderate amount each
    time I get a kick by adding little chips of it :D

  6. does the ice cream taste like bannana?

  7. Smoothie sounded delicious!! x

  8. +Melissa Merk So helpful! Thanks doll

  9. I absolutely love your hair brown!! What is it’s natural color?

  10. I always make the last one but sometimes i do it with blueberries and it’s
    sooo yummy

  11. they all looked soooo good 🙂 

  12. Omg I love the banana ice cream idea!! It’s genius! :)

  13. Love banana ice cream

  14. Great ideas !!<3

  15. Look delicious :)

  16. I’ve been having the yogurt, strawberry, and almond thing and then my bf
    ate all the almonds

  17. Giovanna Guimaraes

    I loooove this video!!! U should more videos like that! Preparing some
    foods that u like to prepare!!!

  18. Indecisivegurrl Alex

    Yum yum yum!! I want to make the first one for sure!!

  19. please do more what i eat in a day videos!

  20. Snacks for work?

  21. these all look so good! that last one though. I gotta try haha

  22. The strawberry yogurt and chocolate thing with nuts should be called (
    berry nuts )

  23. Can you please do more healthy food ideas? I’m new to your channel and love
    the vids ! Your so pretty and realistic love it :)

  24. You are absolutly adorable..i m a new suscriber..i m from France..and i
    watch some of your vids and i really enjoy them…some ppl have this aura
    and you are one of them! merci mademoiselle!!

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