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Kids Lunches

Back to School: Kids Lunch Ideas

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  1. what kid is going to sit and put together those tacos at school, come on

  2. I going to try the bananna sushi myself!!!!

  3. unripe bananas make me cringe.

  4. Kids are baby goats :))

  5. what happens to the sunflower butter and jelly sandwich parts that were cut
    out? 🙁 mama just eats ’em?

  6. Back to school lunch ideas! #lunch #kids #BTS 

  7. I know you said this already but is the sunflower butter peanut butter
    because im elergic to peanut butter but I want to try the sunflower butter

  8. animal lover arts and crafts120

    On it likes like pin wheels

  9. Wonderful, feeding kids is a real challenge !

  10. Those lunch bags are cute, but they are WAY too expensive.

  11. Simonecaroline Tomi


  12. Peanut butter isn’t bad it has a lot of protein in

  13. nice ideas

  14. I would never send my kidds to school with a wood stick it’s dangerous no
    no no

  15. Love this! What great ideas!

  16. ideas that are ACTUALLY quick and healthy, finally! All the lunch idea
    videos i swear take like 30 minutes to make. Those are healthy, but so
    healthy that my brother (7 yrs old) would not even eat. These are things
    that my brother would eat and don’t take a century and a half to prepare.

  17. the american cheese looksn like swiss cheese with no holes

  18. I like the dragon lunch

  19. i am going to try the sushi roll

  20. My God ,just heat up last night’s dinner and put in a thermos.ain’t no
    2nd-8th grader want no dinosaur shaped fake peanut butter sandwiches

  21. Great ideas here. It is very important to make sure food is visually
    appealing for children. 

  22. Great idea!

  23. ธีระวัฒน์ เยี่ยมแสง

    Very useful for youth.

  24. Sssssalty

  25. I like the trail mix and banana sushi :-)

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