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Kids Lunches

Back to School – Quick and Easy School Lunches

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  1. My mom are just like: You don’t like it then make it by your self

  2. i make my own lunch so some times i make gram cracker i but stawberry jam
    on it ( note the stawberry jam is like a glue ) then i sprinkle some
    granola on it and then i either leave it like that or i but a bannana and
    cut it very fine then after i just close it with another gram cracker like
    a little sandwich tehe

  3. Where is that box from?

  4. I’m a picky kid and they sound good!!!

  5. LyricalRationality

    Peanut butter or anything with nuts is not allowed at a lot of schools now.
    That cuts out half of the ideas I have for my son. He would eat PB&J every
    day if I let him.

  6. Lars W Gjethammer

    i have bread with cheese every day at school 🙁 so boring

  7. i usally have left over like this thing that me and my mom call grandma

  8. I have peanut butter on honey wheat bread… every. single. day. I do want
    to start making hummus wraps again, they are delicious and nutritious!
    Especially when made with roasted garlic hummus. c:

  9. I should try that

  10. My mum just gives me a sandwich and a pack of crisps :(

  11. This stuff looks great! Its too bad that my school has AWESOME food…
    might have to try this for a snack though.. YUM!

  12. Love this video..

  13. For my school lunch i pack newman Os hint o mint they are healthy mint
    oreos and are DELICIOUS and i love them they are a great option for my

  14. Dried fruit is a good school snack maybe

  15. Philianna Jean-Baptiste

    kids at scull usualy can’t eat pinut butter and Nutella : ( 

  16. Jaqueline Martinez

    I love this video so cool and good 

  17. i like all of thans and i am a teen so they are easy for me to make in the
    morning for me so thanks for all of these thing for me and other kids do do
    for lunches

  18. What is the box that you suggested called?

  19. I love to send a good pasta salad with tomatoes cheese and pepperoni in it.
    My 4 year old loves it!! 

  20. How do you figure Nutella is healthy, the first ingredient in Nutella is
    sugar! Peanut butter is a better bet. Sweet Hawaiian rolls, kettle corn,
    Oreos, and Graham crackers are all high in sugar. If you ate all of those
    you would go way over your daily recommended sugar. Studies have shown
    that nitrites (on pretzels) are increasing death rates from Alzheimer’s,
    diabetes mellitus and Parkinson’s disease. Ask your kid if their mouth
    taste like metal after they eat a few pretzels. 

  21. i know

  22. My last name is smith too hi m a new subscriber

  23. That tortilla with humus and carrots. Idea would be amazing for my toddler
    he eats all that stuff any ways I never thought of combining it thank you
    for all the helpful tips I will be getting more creative with my little
    bugs meals and snacks :)

  24. Daviela Candelario

    Well I’m a 11 year old girl and personally I like the nutella and the rap
    whit carrots lol

  25. People!! R u guys not listening to what she said?! She said she likes to
    give a variety of foods! Also she said she likes to reward her children
    with a snack so just chill out.

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