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Kids Lunches

Back-to-School Snacks for Kids

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  1. I am all about feeding good snacks to my kids 🙂 Thanks for your ideas!

  2. Nice good an healty ! Great vid !

  3. That’s awesome! Yes, I am a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Personal
    Trainer. I have my Masters in Holistic Nutrition and am currently working
    on two PhDs in Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition. It’s the best field

  4. you’re beautiful;)

  5. That’s so great to hear-keep it up!

  6. Great vid. Recently I’ve read that when kids get too much sugars during
    puberty, the body gets used to it. When the body does, it doesn’t brake of
    those sugars, turn those into fat (jojo). They’ll be having problems with
    their weight their whole life. That differences per person and the way the
    body responds. But overall, kids getting fat their whole life by eating too
    much sugar in puberty time. Autism is something else. Mostly has to do with
    kids needing structure and having a very high IQ.

  7. Will be posting more videos. 🙂

  8. Forget the kids, I making these for myself!! Yummy and nutritious!

  9. Like the kabob idea very cool! I like to pack the old ants on a log at
    least twice a week, and good ol carrots and cucumbers (Cut like Wise chips)
    Also apples and peanut butter, blue berries are great. Thanks for the kabob
    idea, gonna have to try it.

  10. Hey !! rigth now im studying for being a nutrisionist and i also love
    excersice. This is the first time im in your channel so i want to know if
    you are a nutrisionist and if you did any specific.?

  11. My advice is-GO FOR IT! Anything worth doing will be a little scary, but so
    rewarding:) I LOVE being in this field!

  12. thanks — i liked this – i have a 12 year old that is open to snacks like
    this — thanks

  13. Can you please make a video of various healthy lunches to take to school,
    work, etc.? My school doesn’t serve very healthy lunches and I’m trying to
    eat healthier now 🙂 Also i have a big butt and thighs, what kind of
    exercises should i do burn the fat yet tone them up? I did bike riding for
    a while and I noticed my butt got bigger and just a little toned, I don’t
    want that :/ Thanks kim!

  14. I don’t have any children yet, but I work with children and have
    specialized nutrition training focused on children. Thanks!

  15. Sure! I pack my lunch every day so you can do it too:) Check out any of my
    videos on salads-those are always a great option. As far as exercises to
    target your butt and thighs, you can’t really spot reduce a specific area,
    so by eating better you will start to see changes for sure. I always do
    lunges and squats to lift up the butt:)

  16. Oooh-I love that idea! That’s loaded with fiber too!

  17. yes! that what i loved too! even a small bag feels very filling! and
    frankly it feels like a treat…rather than health food! congrats on your
    marriage btw! hope you two have a long happy life together!

  18. Hi Kim, I wondering do you have any snacks for people like me who are in
    High School who want a snack but something healthy. thanks!

  19. Somewhat-studies show that children who are overweight or obese tend to
    remain overweight or obese into adulthood. That’s why this is so
    important-this will impact their entire lives. Great comment!

  20. Wow thats great i hope one day i can be like you. Thanks for your answer.
    And i hope well keep in contact. ps. Im from Monterrey México

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