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Back To School Study Tips + DIY Study Party (Yummy Snacks & Spa Station!)

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  1. Are you gonna have a DIY study party?? Maybe when it’s time for a unit test
    or exams? lemme know cuties <3

  2. I start school in 8 days…..WHY???WHY???? 

  3. i start school in 4 days :(

  4. I start achool September 8th;)

  5. I’m so upset September 2 is my last day of summer because now I have to get
    up at 4:30 in the morning just to get ready for school!!!!

  6. First day of Freshman year tomorrow… So nervous. Also starting school in
    a new city… 

  7. Clicking on her face didn’t work.

  8. Alessandra Celeste

    I’m starting school tomorrow

  9. 1.Whats the song in the begginning
    2.Those bloopers tho

  10. I started yesterday

  11. When making the pizzas did she use tortilla wraps? Or pizza bases? Thanks x

  12. Isabel van Berkum

    What’s the intro song?? 

  13. LAST DAY OF SUMMER!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hey does anyone wanna be youtube friends 

  15. They actually sell those mini pizzas at stores and i promise anyone who
    tries it, it is delicious like meg said

  16. Georgetta PerriButler

    can you not do so many back to school videos cause I’m not in school and
    I’m sure I’m not the only homeschooler

  17. I started school on july 28. It sucked!

  18. STARTED 

  19. Those bloopers tho

  20. omg the intro is awesome

  21. Your intros are perfection.

  22. song at 2:00 ?

  23. I actually like too eat trailmix peanut butter gramcracker sandwich
    thingies is that weird

  24. whats that first song I know I have heard of it but I forgot the name im
    also pretty sure um.. Taylor swift maybe?

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