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Bake and Freeze Friendly Lunch Box Ideas

Parents always are on a quest for new recipes and ideas for their kids’ lunch boxes. Here, we wanted to share with you some tips for freeze friendly lunch box ideas.

How to plan the baking session before freezing it

Try to collect more recipes that you would like to prepare, bake and freeze. You can do different variations of muffins, banana bread, scones or biscuits. Also, find enough containers for freezing the food. Make a list for shopping for everything you need, and go get your things.Re-read the recipes and see how you can plan the order of the preparing and baking. The best advice is to start with the one that needs the longest time for baking, so that while that’s baking, you can prepare the rest of the food. Also, do not forget the cooling racks, you have to have enough. Freeze the food the same day that you bake ti, don’t wait to do it the next day. When taking the goodies from the freezer to prepare the lunch box, don’t defrost them, just put straight into the lunch box.

How to store the food right

As we mentioned earlier, freeze the food the same day when you bake it and freeze it into airtight containers. This means that on the day when you take them out for eating,  they will be as good as when they were made on the first day.

Perfect containers

The best one is an airtight container. This container protects the food from freezer burn. Also, you don’t need containers for defrosting, because you can place the frozen food directly into the lunchbox. They will be defrosted quickly and will be delicious.

If you make scones for freezing, here’s one great tip. Slice them open, add jam, margarine and honey and then close them again and put them into the freezer. So, when you take them out for putting them into the lunchbox,they will be ready and will have all the ingredients in them.

What can be frozen? Everything that is baked can be frozen. Even if you are not baking some things, you can still freeze them and have them prepared and ready for the whole week.

You see, baking and freezing and preparing the food for the lunch boxes for the whole week is easy and it can be done, only if you have enough time to do everything that is needed to be done.

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