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Bento Box tips to Show your Love to Your Husband

This post we’re dedicating to all you bento box lovers and those of you who know your husband love them and you want some tips on how to prepare the best lunch box ever and surprise your loved one. Although the origin of the bento box is Japanese, the food that you will prepare does not have to be Japanese. You can prepare whatever you want.

Here’s what you need for that perfect Bento Box.

The box, obviously!

We’ll say it again, just like the food, the box also doesn’t have to be Japanese. You can find great lunch boxes anywhere. If your man likes grilled cheese sandwiches or pasta, you can find lunch boxes that are thermal and use them for meals like that. Look for boxes that ave an ice pack attached to the box which keep the food safe.

Silicon dividers and baking cups

The cups can be used for keeping some fruits like blueberries for example and also for keeping the wet things separated from the dry things. The dividers separate the foods and don’t allow for flavors to be mixed.

The cups and dividers are reusable and you can find them in many different colors and sizes. A great tip is to use edible foods as separators like shiso leaves, cucumber slices or lettuce.

Containers for sauce picks for the food

You can find some colorful picks because they come in different shapes, sizes and patterns so you can look for the ones that will be great for your husband. The picks are useful for putting together the small foods. Don’t forget the containers for sauce so that the food stays dry and the sauce won’t get in touch with anything until it’s lunch time.

You have everything you need so now it’s time to start filling the box. Here are some rules.

  1. Make the dividing of the food proportional

The proportional divide will let you make a balanced and healthy meal for your husband. There should be 4 food types: carbs, proteins, fruits and vegetables.

  1. Different colors for good visual impact

This advice is not only for having beautiful colors in the lunch box, it’s also because different colors means healthy meals.

  1. Pack everything tightly

The food shouldn’t be shifting from left to right in the box so you need to pack everything tightly. You want to surprise you significant other with a delicious and good-looking meal, not having him laugh when he opens the box at work. Try following this order – first the bulky or pre-shaped food, then the food with flexible shape and in the end the accent food like steamed broccoli or cherry tomatoes.

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