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What are the Bento Box Trends in Australia

Bento Boxes are here to stay, with the trend speeding everywhere and taking each culture. Bento Box trends in Australia are a nutritionist dream, offering a healthy alternative to the fast food or cafeteria lunch. Preparing lunch boxes can be time consuming and difficult to fit into a busy everyday schedule, but especially with a busy schedule having a healthy meal is more than important for keeping a healthy body. Bento Boxes are perfect for this, they are easy to prepare and are composed of multiple compartments to ensure diverse food intake. So it is no surprise Bento Box trends have taken over the world.

Bento Boxes come from Japan but have spread all over fast, and Australia has taken notice. Battling its own fight to stop obesity and influence people to eat healthier, seems like Australia is crushing hard on the bento box trend. The original ingredients of a Bento Box are rice, vegetable and protein, but they have changed a bit, trying to fit all four food groups, so in Australian Bento Boxes, more often than not you will find a fruit or even a healthy snack food.

So it doesn’t have to be rice, according to Australians, as long as it’s healthy and provides all the nutrition you need to face the day. Food wise, compartments are filled with all four food groups, grains, vegetables, protein and fruit. The main meal can be pasta, sandwich, a wrap or a roll to boost up the proteins. One of the side compartments always has some kind of salad to provide vegetable intake. And there is always a fruit for a healthy dessert.

Australians also have an excellent tip when preparing a Bento Box – using leftovers. This is both a great time saver and it help reduce food-waste. You can use leftovers from yesterday’s lunch or dinner to make a delicious sandwich, or wrap or a pasta salad. This way you have a fancy cooked meal and you have saved time.

The third thing would be the fun of it all. Bento Box trends in Australia dictate a visually pleasing lunch. So when preparing you are going to find yourself not only preparing by taste but also picking colors and arranging food so that it also looks good. Cherry tomatoes and broccoli are a great hit because they are nutritious, can be paired with almost any main meal and are colorful and look good so you can even decorate your food with them.

And the last thing is the smaller compartments. Bento Boxes usually come with more than four compartments, and you will find yourself that once you put your main meal, and your fruits and vegetables in you have few of them left still empty. Those can be used for some after lunch snacks, some cheese, chips or sauces according to your lunch. So have fun and stay healthy, the Australian way! 

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