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Bento Box Trends in Australia

School lunch boxes are a big problem for parents who do not have a lot of free time on their disposal. Besides time, another thing parents face is getting the kids used to healthy food and healthy lunch box meals. That’s why we recommend the bento box, because it’s the perfect solution for these problems and this bento box contains many different foods which are arranged so that the kid enjoys eating from it.

Bento boxes originate from Japan and consist of rice, vegetables and protein. From Japan, the trend spread out all over the world and it has also become widely popular in Australia too.

Australian children are faced to a high rate of obesity so the bent box trend should really be incorporated into the daily food and meals for kids because it will help them a lot. Monash University experts predicted that by 2025, at least one third of the ids will be obese or overweight. According to Nutrition Australia, the reason for this is the increase in consuming fast foods and the decline of learning basic food and cooking at home skills. There are many organizations in Australia which aim to improve the cooking skills of Australians and decline the consumption of fast food by teaching them how to prepare meals at home using seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The Bento box includes meals prepared from leftovers from the previous night and aim for a healthy balance. The box contains different food groups for colors, shapes and textures which are interesting to kids. Some researches made in Australia have shown that from different types of meals, the ones that were most appealing to kids were the ones which contained 6 colors and 7 different ingredients. The most important thing that every parent should know is that every bento box should contain a main component and that main component has to contain protein. Those main meals can be a wrap, a pasta salad, a roll or a sandwich.

Kids are busy every day with activities in school, classes, activities outside of school, play time friends and spending time with family. That’s why they need to eat healthy and consume nutritive meals which will provide enough energy for them throughout the day. The main compartment of the bento box should always be filled with a protein-rich sandwich or a salad, or pasta. The smaller compartments should contain fruit, vegetables, cheese sticks or cubes, salt crackers, yoghurt or popcorn.

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