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What are the Bento Box Trends in China

Bento boxes are becoming a huge trend right now and bento box trends researches show that some foods and recipes are really popular with kids and with adults, as well. The bento boxes represent a fun, creative and perfectly portioned way to pack school and work lunches. Here’s a fun fact for you – you may know that the bento box has its origins from Japan, but did you know that it showed up for the first time in the 16th century.

The main trend right now is cute little sets of food – food shaped into flowers, cartoon characters and animals. But, you have to have a lot of free time to prepare those cute sets, even if the time you spent preparing and decorating is way longer than the time spent on eating. Here are some of the best ideas you can pick from.

1. Barley salad and grilled chicken

You can cook a bigger amount of grain and after that, repurpose it for lunch and dinner through the whole week. Barley has a lot of fiber which is good for you. You will get around  quarter of the daily recommended dose.

2. Burgers with black bean

Get this delicious but also healthy burger with all the fixings in it. Swirl the mini patties from black beans with sriracha hot sauce. Add avocado, cukes, lettuce and peppers. And end everything with a brownie for dessert.

3. Wraps with pinto bean

Whole wheat tortillas are perfect bento stuffers. For a budget-friendly and fiber-filled meal, fill them with pinto beans, quinoa and brown rice.

4. Tofu in sweet Asian sauce

With soy sauce, garlic and fresh ginger, tofu turns into a really tasty treat. You can also add grain for even better taste.

5. Bento burger with sweet potato

Sweet potatoes have lots of vitamins C and lots of fiber, and that’s why they are so good for the burgers. Add some veggies and you have a tasty and healthy burger.

6. Pizza Portobello for a bento box

This is a gluten-free alternative with low-carb, healthy additions. Make it colorful with a side of veggies and fruits.

7. Bento rainbow

Use tomatoes, grilled corn, peas and carrots for a colorful arrangement. Layer the ingredients and enjoy the meal.

8. Barley, brie and mushrooms

In this bento you have sautéed mushrooms, dried cranberries and pine nuts. Add also bell peppers with a creamy bean spread made from cannellini for dipping and some brie slices.

9. Coconut rice with Thai salmon skewers

This Thai meal has a lot of tasty flavors. Marinate the salmon before you grill it for one hour and for an extra tastiness, add some tropical fruits.

10. Grilled chicken with Caprese pasta salad

This one has grilled chicken for a dose of protein. You can also leave it out if you want a vegetarian option.

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