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Kids Lunches

Bento Lunch | Quick & Healthy

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  1. Ceramic wrap? lol 

  2. That is a massive bento. Typical bento containers for an adult are 650-800

  3. Very healthy looking lunch, and very easy to prepare…thank you for
    sharing your videos.

  4. How do people keep everything just so clean when cooking, wether it is
    cutting neatly to washing without splashing or dropping something … Just
    how? Am I the only who makes a mess cooking :(

  5. great ideas!

  6. Used flatbread instead of tortilla and used cooked salmon in the wrap.

  7. luckylunarlovely

    gurl your face is so orange. Ever hear of matching your makeup to your

  8. katie deerajviset

    Damnn thats one huge bento! 

  9. can u talk louder?

  10. I would never get enough time at lunch to eat all of that food :D

  11. 😀 Thanks

  12. Your kitchen looks so clean. :)

  13. amo tus videos, nos das nuevas alternativas

  14. So, do the lemon and raspberries flavor the water, or do they just
    Make it look pretty?

  15. Is the garlic spinach better cold or re-heated?

  16. Thank you so much for your sweet comment <3

  17. Really great video such a cute and great idea!! THANKS! Keep the videos

  18. Where is your accent from??

  19. LOVED it!! I used roasted vegetables such as aubergine, red pepper and
    courgette and then made a cream cheese and sundried tomato spread by making
    the sundried tomatoes into a paste and mixing it with some cream cheese!
    and then also added the chicken and spinach! Love your videos so much,
    can’t wait for more 🙂

  20. This is a wonderful channel. Thank you for doing these videos. I love it.

  21. I hope you do 🙂 They give an awesome flavour to the water!

  22. I am obsessed with this spinach recipe!! I never tried adding nutmeg. But
    I’ll make sure to add it the next time I make it 🙂 which will probably be
    tomorrow… hehe

  23. Thank you ! 🙂

  24. @Fablunch Omg wow now I’m craving that! Definitely going to try that soon
    🙂 x

  25. TheAstronomyDude

    “This chicken did not want to participate” <<< hehe love it !

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