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The Best Lunch Box for Preventing Acne

Ever thought that you can prevent the appearance of blemishes by preparing lunch box for preventing acne? Clear skin is not something that happens over night, so changing the diet for one day and expecting visible results the other Is just impossible. 

However, hydrating your skin quite often, eating healthy foods on a daily basis and avoiding processed food and sugar will definitely improve the overall appearance of your skin. Processed, greasy foods, sugar and fried food are the culprit of acne. There are no healthy components included in those types of skin. They are full with toxins that will only cause damage to your skin, and to change that, you have to change your diet, starting from today.

The first thing on our list is a simple omelet with egg whites only. You will need five to ten fresh egg whites, olive oil (half tablespoon), half cup of mushrooms, onions, green peppers and spinach and cayenne pepper. First, heat the pan and pour some olive oil. After that, put all of the ingredients, starting from the egg whites. They are going to get bubbly, and then you can flip them and start cooking from both sides. Your egg white lunch box recipe will only take about 15 minutes from your time.

Autumn soup is the second lunch box recipe on our list. You will need 2 tomatoes, soup with butternut squash, one chicken breast and carrot ginger. First, grill the meat and cook it equally on the sides. After that, cook the soup with butternut squash. When the soup and the meat are ready, cut the meat and the tomatoes and place them in the hot soup.

Salads are the perfect option for clear skin. Avocado salads are truly are favorite, because they are healthy yet they will keep your tummy full. You will need romaine lettuce and spinach (one cup of each), half avocado, tuna and one boiled egg, one or two carrots and some lemon juice and olive oil for the dressing. All you need to do is make a combo out of these ingredients and on top of it all, put the dressing.

While fighting acne, you are also allowed to eat some pasta. The perfect anti-inflammatory recipe is the vegetable pasta with artichokes and spinach. You will need one full cup of zucchini, two tablespoons of olive oil, three to four garlic cloves, one shallot, one box of artichokes, half cup of white wine and one cup of spinach. All you have to do is heat a saucepan and add the olive oil. After a while, put the zucchini inside and cook them for at least two minutes. Put all of the other ingredients in a separate plate. After that, add all of the spinach inside of the zucchini, along with the white wine and the rest of the ingredients. Cook for 1-2 minutes more.

The last acne fighting recipe on our list is a smoothie with goji berry. You will need a cup of spinach and kale, a cup of fresh raspberries, one apple, two or three tablespoons of goji berries, one tablespoon of chia seeds and half cup of soy milk. Mix the ingredients in a blender and you are ready to go!

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