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 Best Sandwich Free Lunch Box Ideas

If you need sandwich free lunch box ideas, then you should check out the small list that we have prepared especially for you. We just love small lunch boxes every day, but preparing the same thing over and over again can become quite tedious. That is why it is important to have many different ideas each day.

Eating too many sandwiches is not a good option, especially during the summer period. Carbs will only make you feel bloated and will make you gain weight. That is why you should opt for some alternatives that can help you avoid simple homemade sandwiches for your every day lunch meal. There are many options out there that you can start trying.

The first one would obviously be food on sticks, meaning beef skewers, kebabs, chicken with veggies etc. The first one on our list would be chicken with fresh broccoli and carrots with peanut butter sauce. It can be packed alongside with sliced mango or cucumbers, rice or Greek yoghurt.

The second meal on our list is quesadillas. These are definitely one of the favorite dishes amongst children and grownups. Plus, you can pack them up with guacamole or avocado, slices of pineapple, jicama sticks or fresh pumpkin seeds, crunchy tortilla chips and hot sauce etc.

Spring rolls are third on our list. You can easily do them with the help of lettuce leaves or rice wrappers. They are perfect to be filled with different foods, such as pork, tofu, shrimp etc. You can basically put anything that you want inside of the spring rolls. Our favorites would be the veggie spring rolls, including carrots, cucumber and some sweet and sour sauce on top. You can also consider doing sugary spring rolls with peanut butter and blueberries or 70% cocoa based dark chocolate.

Deli meat is definitely another great non-sandwich recipe. You can pack it up with sliced ham, turkey, roast beef etc. and add celery, pretzels (gluten free), or if you prefer sugary deli roll-ups, then coconuts, cinnamon apples etc.

Vegetable sushi is another option if you want to layoff the sandwiches. You can make the salmon rice balls easily, just look around for a homemade sushi recipe and there you go. Add some raspberries, edamame or cookies for desert after this delicious meal. We prefer vegetarian sushi because it’s easier to digest and it is definitely the better option during summer time.

Noodle salads served cold with plain udon, soba or black sesame are perfect for the summer period. Plus you can add some tinned fish, tuna, chocolate raisins, clementines, peas, or cubed chicken.

Add whichever sauce you prefer, from sweet and sour soya sauce to Greek yoghurt homemade sauce. Hummus is another great option. Hummus is quite easy to prepare and is a sandwich free lunch box idea, but it is also very nutritious, especially during the summer season. You can pack this recipe with olives, baby carrots and cherry tomatoes, light salami, grapes, dried figs etc. You can also serve it with homemade gluten-free crackers.

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