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Kids Lunches

Boys Lunch Box Ideas

Packing school lunches day in and day out can leave any Mum exhausted! It often seems as if there are not enough lunch box ideas to get one through the week, never mind the whole term. We help you with some Boys Lunch Box Ideas.

It is no wonder that numerous Mums’ allow the tuck-shop or canteen to look after their children’s nutritional needs specially their sons.

Further, as the links between bad food and future disease increase, it’s wise to take the lunch-box back into the kitchen and make wiser choices.

Did you know your kids eat 120 school lunches each year…

When you consider that your son eats, on average, 120 lunches in a school year, those are great opportunities for you to give them nutritious meals.

Use lunch boxes that are sturdy, with lids that are airtight. Dark colours as boys love dark colors, such as the Tupperware options are a great idea.

Some Boys lunch box ideas to ease lunch box dilemmas

Discover what foods your son really doesn’t want to eat at school. For example, some sons will happily eat a mandarin at home, but don’t like the stickiness that can accompany the fruit, at school.

Find out what foods they really like to eat at school, as then variations of these foods will genuinely be met with acceptance and be eaten. For example, if your son enjoys tofu sandwiches, then adding tofu to stir fries, and chopped up into sticks, should also meet with success.

Make a list of their favourite fruits and vegetables. Adding these to lunch boxes will meet with much more happiness, than trying to get them to enjoy an item that they actually don’t like.

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Don’t use new, unknown foods that they may be unsure of, in lunch boxes.

If you remember that each lunch box should have four main groups in it, it will make packing their lunch a little simpler. They should have a main dish, with carbohydrates, protein and good fat in it, a vegetable side, a snack, and a fruit side, which may be seen as a mini-dessert.

If you ever prepare a lunch box that they really enjoy, make a note of what was in it, and use that as a template for other ideas. Remember, you’ve got a lot of lunch boxes to make in your life and anything that you do to make it easier is a smart idea.

Don’t lose hope of converting them to healthier lunches

Don’t try to convert your son to healthy, packed school lunches overnight if they have been used to canteen food or tuck-shop for years. Start slowly, with small snacks at first, working your way up to full lunches. You will be rewarded with a healthier child, who is attentive and focused at school, and you will feel proud of being a Mom who is making a difference in the long term health of your child. You will also be rewarded with your son’s better moods and improved immunity.

Pimp your Boys Lunch Box Ideas


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