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Kids Lunches

Bread Rolls Baked Recipe | Bread Rolls | Healthy Breakfast Snacks Kids Recipe | Veg Recipes Indian

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  1. Priyanka Salunke

    Tried this recipe..it was yumm…very cripsy n healthy n oil free…loved
    it…. thanks a lot for this recipe…need more yummy n healthy recipes
    like this :)

  2. Hi shilpi can I prepare this mixture today and use it and bake it next
    morning for my sons lunch box ??

  3. Wowwww recipe… I ll try that today … Just looks easy , healthy and
    tasty as well… Thanx for sharing

  4. I prepared this mixture and will use next morning
    Hope for the best

  5. Brilliant

  6. Looks yum…I am gonna try this one tonight. Thank you for sharing Shilpi


  8. wonderful recipe 🙂 and u r looking loveeellllyyyy shilpi 🙂 

  9. I want some! lol

  10. Srija Kothakonda

    Are u telugu shilpi?

  11. Hi Shilpi,

    I made this last night and they were a hit. I plan on making them for a
    party this weekend. 🙂 . Do you recommend adding garlic and garam masala to
    make it spicier?

    Thank you as always. 

  12. brilliant recipe Shilpi! and you look beautiful!

  13. Very good and easy recipe Shilpa. Thanks for sharing.

  14. What kind of bred rolls did you use?

  15. You look so beautiful! I am eager to try this recipient, it looks simple
    and delicious. I’ll be subscribing to your channel!

  16. Your tutorial is very easy to understand and to follow. Thank you so much
    for sharing your knowledge on Indian cuisine!

  17. Hi Shilpi. Thanks for such simple recipes. Awesome!!
    By the way are you living in the US?

  18. Yay, baked bread rolls something I will definitely try. Thanks

  19. I love watching your vid I just wish my mom can do those

  20. wonderful idea! for my daughters lunch packs,keep sharings us this kinds of

  21. Sankara Narayanan

    can it be made in the microwave also

  22. nice nd easy

  23. Hi shilpi ..
    Nice recipe .. I want to make this for party ..
    Can i make the roll in the morng or sometime ago before party and keep it
    on the fridge or room team and baked in the evening before party start ? 

  24. Looking beautiful

  25. Thanks a lot for reply ..
    My son bday is on 16 oct so before that if u r trying pls let me know and i
    ll also let u know how the come out after resting some time in the fridge

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