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Bread Uttapam Recipe | Healthy Indian Breakfast lunch Dinner Recipes | foodsandflavorsbyshilpi.com

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  1. Foods and Flavors

    A quick and healthy recipe for busy days. Enjoy it with your family

    Bread Uttapam recipe : Bread Pancake Recipes : Quick Easy Indian Snacks
    Breakfast Dinner Recipes
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  2. mouth watering …great !

  3. subscribed
    looking forward for more interesting receipes

  4. Hi, can i use fine suji instead of coarse? 

  5. Hi, can I prepare the batter overnight ? And do you need to keep it in the
    fridge if you want to prepare it the night before ? Thanks 

  6. Hii..i tried this recipe…its awsome nd superb.

  7. Shilpi…M getiing addicted to your channel…all your recipes are quick
    and easy…Keep up the good work…all d best :D

  8. Superb recipe.. just loved it… m sure my family will love this and will
    be hit for sure…..

  9. Thankyou didi for this recipe! It’s one of the better uttapam recipes that
    I’ve seen. I’ll definitely try it out! 🙂 

  10. I tried it today !….its quick, its awesome and complete
    breakfast…thanks shilpi..looking forward for more..

  11. I made it today and it was very delicious 🙂 🙂 

  12. madam wht do u mean by coarse rava can say pls coz i have jada rava which i
    use for making upma 

  13. Piyush Chandrakar

    Thanks alot Mam…….
    Its my first time cooking and it looked quite easy to cook and tasty

  14. I tried this recipe…Uttappams were delicious n loved by all in my family
    Its really instant n very easy to prepare…I liked it, added to my
    breakfast list!

  15. hi shilpi…. bread uttapam recipe was a real wow!!!!!

  16. Thanks for ur reply
    Good luck

  17. very nice, and easy to make. thanks

  18. very, very very tasty!! looking for more recipes in salads and soups
    section… Would also wait for some firangi twist recipes!!!

  19. You have such lovely long hair!

  20. Simple and tasty .. My husband loved it

  21. Very nice recipe… U speak very politely .. I like ur voice ..

  22. Bread Uttapam recipe : Instant Uttapam Recipes : Quick Healthy Indian Snack
    Breakfast Dinner Recipes

  23. hey Shilpi, I forgot to ask one thing. what happens if i don’t remove fried
    edges of bread?? When I prepared this dish today, i did not cut the edges
    of bread but still it was yummy.

  24. Great recipe.
    I will try it.

    If you dont mind, may i ask u where are you from india?

    Actually i had a friend name shilpi kaanodiya ( we lived in Haryana, india
    , in that days)in school days. U look like her little. So just asking:))

    Thanks and regards
    Mrs. Rajni

  25. Madharapu Vineela

    Wow Super Taste !! Thanks for sharing :)

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