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Kids Lunches

Breadsticks – Quick and Easy Snacks

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  1. cant understand shit

  2. I made them and my husband and I loved them!

  3. Great easy but tasty recipe..tq!

  4. hey +madhurasrecipe i dont have oven/microwave , so can i make the same
    bread sticks using BATI OVEN and if so for how long should i bake the bread
    in the BATI OVEN.??? plzz plzz plzz reply MADHURA MA’AM …

  5. its hard to hear what you are saying with the indian accent.

  6. dammit i’m too lazy for this

  7. Madhura, I made these breadsticks.. please could you let me know if these
    are soft or hard when they come out of the oven. Mine were hard. I was
    hoping for soft breadsticks

  8. I think you are a great cooker and love what you make but it be better off
    if I could at least understand most of what you are saying.please now,try
    and learn how to speak in american accent.


  10. This is not quick or easy. You should change the title

  11. Mernedi Satyanarayana


  12. These came out well! I will definitely be making these again in the near
    future. (:

  13. WickedLilLadyXoX:)

    Hey people, the measurements are in the description box.

  14. R u sure its a quick recipe…?????? 

  15. U give too much explanation then it is boring

  16. there are no measurements! >:(

  17. Mahalakshmi Kuppusamy
  18. Nice video ! :)

  19. eyebrow game strong 

  20. Chellappa Ananthanarayanan

    Would be better if the ingredients required are displayed at first / last
    along with measurements. 

  21. just turn the captions on and see how hilarious a recipe video can be…..

  22. this is life


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