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Broccoli Salad Recipe

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  1. cut the bacon and the sugar and i would eat that.. otherwise its not too
    healthy…… its not at all.

  2. This recipe looks great! I agree that bacon and cheese is not the
    healthiest items one can consume. But what’s that old adage…something
    about moderation.

  3. I work on the Delta Queen Steamboat and one of our cooks make this and use
    dried cranberries and it is SOOOOO ood:-)

  4. i dont eat pork,instead of bacon,what can i use?

  5. Is this so in the States? Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist? I
    honestly didn’t know! Where I live (Japan) “Nutritionist” is a National
    Certification profession so nobody can call themselves a nutritionist
    without the certificate… Thank you for the information I will be much
    more careful!

  6. lol i thought the same thing!!

  7. for all the negative comments on this salad – she gave you suggestions for
    alternatives – low fat cheese, sugar substitutes. Don’t want bacon – don’t
    add it or add less than it called for. That is the beauty of cooking – the
    recipes are just a guideline – make it your own. I am not a raw broccoli
    fan and I would probably make it like she suggested with the cauliflower
    with a little broccoli. Thank you for the video.

  8. Cider vinegar is fine is it? then must try. but since she is using red wine
    vinegar…i wonder if its ok to add a wee bit of red wine to it?? =D

  9. I like urs better Will try ,but I cant have bacon So that is out the door

  10. delicious1

  11. i like this salad! i want to make one for myself but im having a hard time
    looking for red wine vinegar could i use balsalmic vinegar? 🙁 could that
    alter the taste? if not what other alternative i can use? thanks 🙂

  12. jaymee liz medrano

    I love raw broccoli!

  13. @nemoryer The bacon IS healthy. The cheese is not.

  14. This was good up until the bacon and cheese. This took the word “healthy”
    out of the equation. But thanks I enjoyed watching. Thank you.

  15. What a nice note! You’re absolutely right. Cooking is so personal – just
    like taste – feel free to make this Broccoli salad any way you’d like (even

  16. I used soy cheese and mayo because im vegan and just forgot the bacon
    because the soy alternative is terrible. This is no side dish for me its
    good enough for a meal 🙂

  17. i make this recipie—low fat version. you can use bacon-bits which is
    healthier than bacon, or try center cut bacon, i also add cranraisins and
    add celery seed for extra flavor.

  18. Amazing gonna make it tomorrow on dinner Exept we dont have brocolle T_T (
    I am 12 xDDD)…

  19. Recipes like this are really just a guide. Feel free to modify this
    broccoli salad recipe any way you’d like. You can add or take away to suit
    your taste.

  20. ~ I make this alot in the winter…So yummie! But I make the dressing w/
    mayo., balsamic vinegar & 1 Tbsp. of dijon mustard….nix any sweetner.
    Yum! (((^.~)))

  21. I’m so glad you liked it! Thanks for letting us know. ~Rita

  22. I love this salad but I also add tomatoes and cucumbers to it. Instead of
    the red onions I use spring onions. I could eat this as a side every day. 🙂

  23. So many people refuse to eat ANYTHING green, or even any vegetable. (I know
    several people who order cheeseburgers specifically without lettuce,
    tomato, or pickle, even!) I would rather someone have some bacon and mayo
    and cheese if it means they will eat, and possibly learn to enjoy, a “super
    food” such as broccoli.

  24. You’re sure right about that! But so many people need to find a way to get
    any veggie in to their diet. I’ve got to admit, the dressing isn’t too
    healthy – but it is delicious. Try no-fat mayo, light cheese and leave out
    the bacon – it’s still great. ~Rita

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