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Buffalo Chicken Salad Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 423

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  1. I love your cooking ideas . I watch your channel all the time . 

  2. Hi Laura, do you think it would taste ok to omit the butter from the hot
    sauce and just toss cooked chicken in with the hot sauce alone????

  3. I hate celery (too stringy) but it’s awesome w/buffalo wings and blue
    cheese ^_^.

  4. Laura I love all your food recipes!! Can you make a Mexican mole? I would
    love to see more Spanish spicy food!!! Can’t wait to see what you do next 🙂

  5. Hello Laura….This Recipe Looks Absolutely Amazing…..This Is For Sure A
    Must Try…..I Love Salads, But Ur Twist On Buffalo Salad It Totally
    Awesome….Just Want To Know What U Think About Using Italian Dressing Or
    Creamy Italian Dressing, Please Let Me Know Ur Opinion…..Be Blessed And
    Keep On Cooking !!!!

  6. Wow…mercy…are you hungry…or what?…

  7. OMG! I’m going to make this! Looks so scrumptious! #mouthwatering!!!!!!!!

  8. catfights2000

  9. Laura cant find this recipe 😀

  10. Best show ever luv the recpies

  11. waaaaaa? youtube cutting board. LOL

  12. Why do I watch her episodes when I fast

  13. macaroons

  14. I can see that You LIKE hot sauce !

  15. AmazingFluffy Link

    i couldnt find the recipe on the website !

  16. Do we have to use hot sauce

  17. yoyomax12 makes them 🙂

  18. hi laura. i dont have a grill what are the other options for me to do the

  19. just find another recipe – there is one by bettyskitchen and like a million
    others on youtube.

  20. She is married, she has no kids 🙂

  21. Boom goes the buffalo


  23. Damn, I was ready to buy a plane ticket. xD

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