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Kids Lunches

Cheesy Pizza Bites | After School Snacks | Full-Time Kid | PBS Parents

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  1. It looks delicious!! Yum yum!!!

  2. Omg you’re adorable!

  3. Seven Wonderful tweens

    You are so cute

  4. ham is disgusting its PIG which rolls in its own poo and n matter how much
    you clean it its always going to have that percent of germs on it! ew

  5. so cute!!!

  6. It looks so goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  7. It sounded very crunchy, I wonder if adding butter or oil to the bread
    before cooking would make it softer. Nice video though

  8. Thanks for shere recipe,,,,,

  9. we made the icecream :)

  10. That looks like cupquakes house!

  11. Ur so cute

  12. Her home look like ihascupquake

  13. Her house looks just like ihascupquakes!!!

  14. How do come up with these things and make more videos please.

  15. guinee newsKaramo Nabe

    I love all of your videos 

  16. guinee newsKaramo Nabe

    Happy face for you

  17. Mya is so cute. Nice healthy treat

  18. Your awsome at full time kid 🙂 yay

  19. Haha!…n01 fan 🙂 

  20. I like this treat because I come hungry from school and I allways have
    those ingredients in my house plus I LOVE PIZZA

  21. David GeriOrimateo

    I love ham and pineapple

  22. Your awsomr:-)

  23. I’m philippine to 

  24. She is so smart

  25. Yes actually i would LUV some. Those r my fave toppings as well

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