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Chicken or Meat? What to Pack in your School Lunch Box

We know that after some negative comments and social media posts, the school lunch started becoming better, healthier and the best part – cooked. This is the case because now schools have to oblige rules and regulations set up by the Government, which is a good thing because it shows that we care about the kids. But, many of the parents decide to send their kids to school with a packed school lunch box, and since some of those parents are busy workers and have jobs that they have to attend every day, they find it hard to prepare the best nutritional meal for their kid.

Meat and chicken are the best protein source for kids and are good for maintenance, growth and repair of the tissue on the body. Red meat is the most nutritional food and provides the highest levels of iron for kids. So, inserting chicken and meat into the school lunch box of your kid is highly advisable. It is recommended for kids to consume meat 3 or 4 times per week.

When preparing your kid’s school lunch which will contain meat, you have to pay attention to the meat’s texture and make the meat attractive to the kid because not a lot of them enjoy eating meet and don’t think it’s tasty. The textures that kids love are juicy and soft like the fruits are or crunchy and crispy like pretzels and crackers. You can broil the meat to achieve that crispy texture or marinate it to make it soft and juicy.

school lunch box meat

You can use some sauces for kids, cheese or peanuts to increase the flavor of the meal and get the kid to love the prepared food for school. Use salt, but in moderation.

When it comes to picking whether to make something with chicken or some other type of meat, it is recommended that the kid has all types of meat included in its diet, but again, with moderation. Just like you shuffle between different sources of protein and give your kid eggs one day, than meat the other and something else the next day, the same should be considered for meat also. Include chicken for one meal, then for the next one when you want to use meat again, include some other type of meat. This way, your kid will get the best out of every type of food and will grow up healthy and well-fed.

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