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Cold Lunch Box Ideas for Teenagers

A healthful, nutritious and satisfying lunch at school or college gives the kids and teenagers a feeling of homely taste away from home. The right choice of ingredients will make sure that the younger ones will not bring back their lunch boxes full.

In this era of fast food and unhealthy eating habits, parents need to understand the necessity of tasty delicious but nutritious food to be served to their teenage kids. Lately there has been quite a rage about cold lunch box options making the lives of every house lady little more easier.

Packaging lunch box requires attention and when it comes to packing for a teenager the work becomes quite harder. As most teenager does not want to take lunch box from home uniqueness in food and innovation in packing is essential to mold the mind of a teenager. For a mother, it becomes quite important to give healthy food to her child which will remain quite fresh and healthy even after long hours.

A person can cook healthy yet tasty food like meat, vegetable, pasta and different salads long time before packing and can simply store it in a refrigerator to completely chill the food. This chilled food can be used afterward to create a variety of tasty dishes to enhance the appetite of a teenager.

As the saying goes “If there is will, there is a way,” there are some fantastic wholesome cold lunch box suggestions that one can try. 

  1. Nutritious wraps: Add variety to the menu, include the range of grains and veggies to the lunch menu for every week. A whole grain wrap added with green veggies, capsicum, ham, and cheese will definitely attract a teenager. This wrap is also healthy as whole grain, lots of veggies and high proteins like chicken and ham will fulfill the required nutrition for the child.
  2. Easy and popular junk foods like burgers, chips, cold drinks have become an obsession for the teenagers as they find it yummy and easy to eat. Teenagers can forget about the dangerous outcome of these junk food, but it is quite important for a parent to control their kid from in taking such poisonous foods. Say no to sandwiches and junk, switch to paleo diet delicacies such as avocado chicken salad, grilled chicken, and fish. Paleo diet majorly includes vegetables and varieties of dry fruits.
  3. Add dairy items filled with protein. Yoghurt, cream cheese would be good options to start with. These items tasty even better in a chilled state. So dairy items are a good option for cold lunch box. Desserts like pudding and custards can also become a good option in packing the cold lunch box for a teenager.
  4. Consider salads with pita wraps. Mediterranean food like hummus and pita bread are quite popular among youngsters. So making them at home will help the teenager to eat healthy yet trendy food.
  5. Cold noodles are the main course food quite famous in Korea. The recipe is simple, the noodle is served in a broth made out of chicken stock with ice cubes within it. One can simply pour the noodle in the lunch box with some chicken soup and later ice cubes can be put into to enjoy a delicious cold meal.

So, try out some of these simple Cold Lunch Box Ideas and let your child enjoy to fill up without having to return the lunch box back to home everyday.

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