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Cool & Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

So, you want to cook something healthy and delicious at the same time for your children? We have come up with a short yet effective list of healthy lunch box ideas of meals for your kids on a daily basis. They will enjoy eating these delicious meals which are full with vitamins and will keep them healthy and energetic through the day and the season!

Zucchini burgers are first on our list. These burgers consist of zucchini, quinoa and chickpeas, foods that have a lot of vitamin E and vitamin C. These vitamins are essential, especially in the winter and spring seasons. The flu season can come up with suddenly, and if you want to keep your child safe from the flu, you should opt for doing a lot of food with vitamin E and C. It is easy to do the burgers- buy some dark, gluten free bread, add a slice of chicken steak (fresh steak, never buy the frozen ones!) and add the chickpeas, quinoa and the fresh zucchini. If you want the burger to be a little less crunchy and empty, add some honey and mustard sauce, or for a lighter version, fresh Greek yogurt.

Chicken with almonds and fresh raspberry sauce. Almonds are a great alternative for coating chicken because they are fully gluten-free and have a lot of benefits for the immunity, especially during flu season. They contain a lot of vitamin E. Alongside the almonds, add some sauce with fresh raspberries, cherries and onions, because they contain polyphenols and help in the process of detox from sugars and carbs from any kinds. While doing this meal, you can also do cherry compote without adding any additional sugars. This is a healthy drink and much more delicious than soda or juices with additives that are not healthy for your child.

Carrot Salmon with Edamame Soybeans. This is a great recipe for children who love to eat sea food, especially because salmon contains omega-3 which is an important ingredient that helps and controls all kinds of inflammation in the body. Soybeans edamame are also very delicious and nutritious, and on the plus side, adding some carrots on top of the entire dish will make the salmon’s taste more neutral. Carrots are beneficial for the eyes and the skin’s surface, too.

The last meal on our list is another sea-food based meal- tuna with fresh bell peppers. The good thing about tuna is that it contains a very important antioxidant – selenium, which will protect your children from UV sun rays and from induced damage by these rays. Stuff the bell peppers with the fresh tuna and you have a whole meal ready to go in just a few minutes. Another great thing about this meal is that bell peppers are known for containing vitamin C which is considered as an antioxidant and should be consumed on a daily basis.

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