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Kids Lunches

Cucumber Snacks | 19 Kids and Counting

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  1. these kids are so cute hahaha. too funny.

  2. I like mine with lime and salt. It’s sooooo good!!

  3. Try it with lemon & salt. You can also add Tajin this chilli powder stuff
    that is also citrusy. I hate the seeds in the cucumber so I take them out.

  4. Masturbating a cucumber that is

  5. 1:09 Jeremiah is creepy 

  6. When they milk them to get the bitter out don’t they put it right back in
    with the vinegar? Haha!

  7. That’s not cucumber! Well at least not what we call cucumber in uk, our
    cucumbers are thinner and longer and NO bitter taste!

  8. The fact that they call the crew member Uncle Jim <3

  9. Clarence Chevapravatdumvong

    Those kids are going to ruin all the enamel on their teeth with all that

  10. Duggars…white vinegars is better for cleaning because it is made from
    sun-ripened grain and crystal clear water, and Apple cider is better for
    cooking, because it is made from apples.

  11. omg there so cute (im talking about the boys) and i tried them and there
    really good

  12. LOL – they’ll only eat cucumbers if they essentially make it a pickle. Love
    the Duggars and their love of pickles. 

  13. Carl they are talking about a family freind

  14. Negative, it’s not healthy at all, too much sodium. It’s a shame how poorly
    these kids are being raised, where is CPS when you need them.

  15. Wait but… Why don’t they just eat pickles? Isn’t that basically what
    they’re doing?

  16. You are so estude

  17. Uncle Jim !!!!!!!

  18. When Justin said ‘Uncle Jim’, oh man that melted my heart! So cute. I guess
    they have been around the Duggers long enough..

  19. Jedidiah looks a lot like Jinger while Jeremiah looks a lot like Jessa!

  20. jordyn cant get any cuter

  21. I have an uncle Jim!

  22. He is so cute 

  23. Salt and Vinegar Cucumbers… doesn’t actually sound that bad. 

  24. me and my cousin should face the younger ones in hockey

  25. LOL

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