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Kids Lunches

Delicious Summer Recipes ☼ Healthy & Easy!

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  1. 5 Incredibly Yummy & Healthy Recipes for Summer! Which recipe is your
    favorite? Try them all!

  2. Not sure if I could eat the melon pasta. Hmm..

  3. A Vintage Vanity

    So many great recipes! Yum! I always love seeing what you’ve got cooking!
    😉 Silly question but how are you setting up your camera to get the shots
    where it’s straight down? I have an issue sometimes working around my
    tripod while shooting some DIY videos.

  4. can one do the Quinoa with couscous instead…?

  5. liebe julia wo findet man rosenwasser in der schweiz?

  6. not sure if you should deforst stuff and freeze it again without cooking it
    first :P

  7. ParanormalBabydoll

    My goodness what a wonderful mix of healthy summer recipes! I love them all
    and want to try them all out. I particularly look forward to trying the ice
    tea and the melon bacon pasta. Thanks for sharing Julia! :)

  8. Omg these recipes look so gorgeous. Summer time brings the best in
    everything! I just started making some of my own summer food recipe videos

  9. Everything looks great and yummy, once again fantastic video from you, I
    love your cooking and summer fit videos!! Moreeee please 🙂 xoxo Elli

  10. I’m going to try ALL of these! They look so colorful, delicious, and
    refreshing! Ahh, this is the best healthy food recipes video I’ve seen

  11. lovely video! I want to try out the mango lassi and the tea!

  12. Mango lassi is my favourite!! It tastes so delicious! :)

  13. this is so great! I’m trying the pasta salad tomorrow!

  14. yummy =)

  15. Great recipes!

  16. these recipes look wonderful! so summery and fresh and colorful. i’m going
    to try the pasta salad for sure. thanks for sharing, julia!

  17. For how many persons are these dishes?

  18. Wow, I love this video. Something for everyone! Loved the melon pasta!

  19. Oh my god, i’m so hungry after watching this!! Great recipes Julia,
    definitely gonna try them!!

  20. Yummy!! Gonna have to try some of these.

  21. i’m gunna try them all!

  22. Everything looks super delicious Julia !!
    Healthy & beautifully plated .. Never heard of Mellon with pasta before.
    Going to have to try that one out… And the mango lassi too :-))

  23. how does quinoa taste? i have never tried it..

  24. I’m going to try the quinoa salad! Thanks for sharing, everything looks

  25. that pasta with melon looked yumyum, that something I have to try 🙂
    thank you for these awesome healthy recipes!

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