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Diversified Lunch Box Menu Ideas for Kids

Packing a healthy, nutritious, and tasty lunch for child’s lunch box certainly can be challenging. Between getting the right foods for optimal health and presenting them to your kids in a way that will make them excited to gobble it up at lunch time, there are so many factors to take into consideration. Our Diversified Lunch Box Menu Ideas for Kids:

When it comes to kids, the main thing that will put them off eating certain foods is repetition and poor presentation. As adults, we often don’t think about the way food is presented to us in a lunch box and it might not seem like a big deal. For children, however, aesthetics and interesting foods play a key role in the appeal to eat them.


This is something to keep in mind when you want your child to eat a diverse variety of foods through the school day. Things like colour, texture, and placement in the lunch box can really create diversity. Here are some great menu ideas to get some diverse lunches in your kids’ school box.

Diversified Lunch Box Menu Ideas for Kids

Lamb meatballs in pita pockets


This recipe uses pita pocket bread, which is low carbohydrate, as the case for lamb meatballs, which are stacked with protein and energy. Line the pita pocket with some Greek yoghurt for calcium and toss in some green lettuce leaves for colour and nutrients.


Honey muesli balls


Snacks are important in lunch boxes and this is a great one because it gives kids good nutrients and energy while adding a little sweetness with the honey. These can be made with a whole range of nuts and grains, or even cereal that has plenty of antioxidants. These are quick and easy to make, can be refrigerated to set overnight, and look very appealing in the lunch box.

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Rainbow wraps


Put a twist on the average wrap and make your kids excited to eat their lunch. Start by taking a low fat wrap and line it with colourful ingredients, such as cheese, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, and anything else that tickles your fancy. Then roll the wrap up and chop it in half so your kids can see the colour at each end. Pop a toothpick in the middle of each half to hold it in place or wrap in tight glad wrap.


Fruit filled muffins


There is nothing kids love more than opening their lunch box to find a muffin inside. The great thing with muffins is that they appeal to kids no matter what is inside them. This is the perfect way to get some diversity in flavours and tastes in the lunch box, disguised in a muffin. Fill them with berries, bananas, blueberries, or anything else for fruity goodness.


Salmon patties


Fish can sometimes be a hard one to get kids to enjoy eating but it is a great food for diversity in the lunch box. Salmon patties are quick and easy to make, have a soft texture, and can be added to a sandwich or wrap for more flavour and nutrients in the school day.

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