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Do Your Favorite Childhood Snacks Still Taste As Good?

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  1. I have a friend who is a vegetarian. Last Halloween we were eating the
    candy cigarettes and I was looking at the ingredients and I saw that it had
    beef gelatin in it and my friend flipped out. she spat it out and went to
    the water fountain and it was funny but I feel bad for her

  2. My class is’n aloud to have candy anymore cause half the class started
    snorting smarties.

  3. Courageous Tacocat

    Even at the thought of a Warhead I can feel my saliva glands going nuts o.0

  4. Anyone laugh when she said ‘it exploded in my mouth’? No? Just me?

  5. My favorite childhood snack was your mom.

  6. I miss wonder balls. there’s just something really satisfying about eating
    through a really thin sphere of chocolate to get to hard candy. Also that
    zebra gum (I think it made temp tattoos on your tongue?). and tbh, I miss
    receiving free dumdums at the bank from the magical tube that takes away
    checks and brings back lollipops. I dont even think my bank does that
    anymore for kids. 

  7. My childhood snack was Pocky. I grew up an Asian food lover.. But I
    occasionally eat a KitKat here and there.

  8. KilljoyKitten is awesome

    The thing about war heads is that once you spit it out, you regret it. 

  9. Who remembers Butterfinger BBs???!!

  10. Fruit roll ups

  11. i loved hubba bubba bubble gum rolls but they don’t sell them anymore :(

  12. Fun Dip is so not the same as when I was a kid in the 90s. That’s really
    disappointing b/c that was my favorite candy. I agree that Gushers doesn’t
    gush like it used to, sadly. And I never like candy cigarettes like that.
    Only the bubble gum ones.

  13. those little koolaid pouch bottle things

  14. So i saw the push pop on the side of the table and you guys ae just going
    exclude one of the most iconic candies of a decade? A candy that started a
    revolution in the way we look at lolipops? Shame on you, 

  15. Funny enough my favorite childhood snack was a bologna sandwich. Hey I grew
    up in a house where everything was always home cooked, for me sandwichs
    were a rare thing! Also, please don’t get jealous of always having home
    cooked food, that was the ONLY good thing about my childhood.

  16. gripz and fruit by the foot mmmm. though i remember the dunkaroos vaguely
    and i’ve always hated them because i would waste it all on the first cookie

  17. My fav childhood stack is kfc rice gravy and noodles scince im philipeno

  18. Just listen and close your eyes at 0:51 all the way to 1:06

  19. Ahh warheads i loved those lollipops with bubblegum in the middle

  20. WHAT idk if they still make fun dip I remember my classmates on Valentine’s
    ALWAYS brought fun dip and the others were like eh I was like ITS A DREAM
    COME TRUE EEEE by the way this is my brothers account 

  21. i still go to a pharmacy and buy fundip…:3333

  22. fun dip isnt really only in the 90s. maybe it was in the 90s, but i
    remember buying them in like 2009 and then i never saw them again. didnt
    think about it til now.

  23. Easily fruit rollups, it was the one snack that I had every day without

    That being said, I loved Clinkers, if you had a packet of Clinkers at my
    primary school then you were the most popular kid on the playground.

    But after high school everyone gets boring, lunch isn’t full of exciting
    snacks and conversations with your friends, it becomes last night’s
    reheated dinner and the internet.

  24. those fun dips were AMAZING when I was growing up…. probably the reason
    Im fat now :/ …… AMERICA!!!!….

  25. gusher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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