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Kids Lunches

Easy & Affordable Snack Ideas for School!

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  1. I’m so confused. over the past couple of months you’ve made so many videos
    sponsored by a million different snack boxes. so all of them can’t be “your
    favorite”. so you’re lying to us. lost lots of respect for you. 

  2. Im so glad i found you from Andreas channel! You are such an inspiration
    and you are so gorgeous!!! I love your viedos so much

  3. I live how creative all your vids are! I love anything with dried mango
    slices so the trail mix is probably my favourite. 

  4. This is amazing! :)

  5. beautyrandomness Reya

    I started my own channel as well and ur such an inspiration um 13 years old
    and I want to reach a hundred subbies by my b-day anyone wanna help me
    loved ur video hope I could be as successful as you one day………btw my
    b-day is on 5th of February 

  6. Alicia Matamoros

    I love this video!!!!!!!

  7. you guys are so cute oh my god 🙂 i love how youre adding your family to
    your videos. 🙂 

  8. No way I have that lunch box

  9. I really really like this the editing is so cute!

  10. So glad you’re feeling better, Nabela! You had me at mango *drools* lol
    loved this video, hun!!

  11. Cathrine Steiner

    You´re so clever! I am trying to eat healthy and colorful so i will
    definitely try one of the jars!

  12. i never see your videos in my subscription thing does anyone else have this
    problem? :(

  13. these are perfect picnic snacks too great video girl =)

  14. Definitely love your videos. They’re amazing quality, you’re so genuine and
    beautiful. I’m working on a drawing of you. ♡ it will be up on instagram in
    a few days. Thank you for creating this amazing content and sharing it with
    us. We appreciate all the hard work you put into your videos.

  15. Love it! & love your genuineness Nabela! 

  16. Shafina Mustafa


  17. I’m going crazy trying to find this background music!!! What is the name of
    it? When can I find it?

  18. Got my Graze box this week and I love it so far! Thanks for the suggestion

  19. Did you get hte furst box free or had yo pay please answer love you

  20. Love the vegetable medley idea. 

  21. This looks gorgeous!! I have to try that cereal mix it looks delicious!!
    Love your vidios! :3

  22. Can’t believe I didn’t think of this! I love cereal so much and get super
    hungry at uni so yay thanks!

  23. You are so inspiring you@nabelanoor are so pretty and I wish to be like you
    because you are funny and so beautiful

  24. So far on YouTube I like your snack ideas the best, luv ya and keep up the
    fantastic work.

  25. Nabela!! Where did you get your bracelet I love it!!! (: plz let me know
    thank you! Your amazing!! 

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