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Kids Lunches

Easy Healthy Kids Snacks Recipes

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  1. Stop at 0:25

  2. You look so young here compared to now. its so cute x

  3. I’m sure it is true! Lol sorry just not for me. I don’t like nuts (:

  4. Thsi is my favoiurite thing you have ever made I make this everytime I am
    watching a video it so tasty

  5. i loved these they are realy nice !!!!!! 😛

  6. How come sloane got to do every thing?

  7. @kandykrazi564 wow that was pretty rude

  8. Tekcham Malemnganbi

    is briana older than katrina eats her age wat bout beanie

  9. When she said put a pinch of the salt and pepper stuff sloane put a pinch
    the she said so just put a pinch in there and she put 2 pinches :/ js

  10. it looks yummy ill try it today

  11. @kandykrazi564 Nothing! We said it because it is true

  12. more cooking videos please

  13. redemptionmaddness

    Really nice video 😀

  14. Did anyone els notice the girls had some compititon going lol :’)

  15. brianna is same age as sloane, beanie is older than kat

  16. @kandykrazi564 hahahha i know!

  17. @IACO101 It was delicious!

  18. remember to soak the nuts and seeds, to get rid of the enzyme inhibiters,
    otherwise the beautyful kids will get allegies as everybody else 🙂

  19. I want to try it is that all you put in it

  20. how long do you keep it in the oven

  21. @mimquad9 she meant what she said – she just didn’t want to talk with her
    mouth full

  22. Michelle Obama’s $4.5 billion “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act” mandates
    broke school districts to grow gardens and have salad bars, but it begs the
    question why can’t the existing system be revamped to give children
    healthier choices without costing a fortune. . It also takes $2.2 Billion
    away from the Food Stamp Program to fund it. Currently the US pays some
    farmers not to grow food, and Michelle is on Sesame Street using Elmo to
    push it. . Allen West 2012

  23. Arleneistheverybest

    its wonderful, i made it and it tastes realllly good,!

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