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Kids Lunches

Easy & Healthy Spring Recipes! ♥ #HungryHealthyHappy

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Easy & Healthy Spring Recipes! ♥ #HungryHealthyHappy

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  1. BeautyWithBeccaX3

    Can someone please give me advice on what lighting to purchase / use? I am
    a day time filmer and I really would like some awesome lighting for future
    videos. Checkout my youtube channel! Xoxo from florida <3 

  2. I’m allergic to honey, what should I use for a substitute… Any ideas??

  3. UltimateFashionist

    2 avocados? o.O That’s like 650 calories..

  4. That’s not the right way to cook asparagus 🙂 the asparagus tips must be
    cooked with steam 😉 in Italy we use a pot called “asparagera” which is
    high and tight in order to leave the tips outside the boiling water.

  5. Dude! Take a basic cooking class- that knife is WAY too large for cutting
    cherry tomatoes!

  6. i thought she was allergic to coconuts?

  7. Is there anything else you could put in instead of shrimp? I absolutely
    cannot stomach fish at all.

  8. I like this video because this is a great video and that makes me hungry
    but the ugly truth is: almost everything is definitely not healthy ! :/
    I’m sorry, but this is not what you have to eat when you’re trying to loose
    weight ! 

  9. Is Ingrid vegan?

  10. too bad i hate avocado :(

  11. inspectergadget25

    Are you Danish?

  12. Ingrid, you are so beautiful! You have such a wonderful colour choice, your
    apartment is breathtaking to anyone who sees it or has the opportunity to
    walk inside, your music taste is just perfect, you eat such healthy foods
    and you just there to help absolutely everyone around you and, to me, you
    are the number 1 best human being alive on this planet! 

  13. Oh no, chia should be soaked before eating to get all the good stuff!
    Otherwise they will just go through your system like hard pieces of p..
    sand. Put chia in a cup with water, it’ll expand x9 times it size. Whole
    chia jelly is great for dieting (added after blending) to add texture,
    flush out toxins and makes you fuller. Blending the soaked seeds will give
    you the omegas and all the good stuff. 🙂 You can also make a jelly or
    pudding with the plain chia jelly with added sweetener and raw cacao for

  14. nice recipes

  15. thehauntedmansionfan

    Ingrid, I’ve been really enjoying the mix of content in your videos lately.
    I love the food videos. You seem so happy and healthy inside and out. Keep
    doing what ever it is that lit that spark. <3

  16. how old is she ?:)

  17. and btw what’s this song called?

  18. Can u do a summer one now? :D

  19. I don’t think the smoothie looks good.
    But it mite be

  20. “Why can’t I eat healthy like that?” *reaches for Easter candy*

  21. Areena Thnanivas

    where is the blender from what brand??????????

  22. That pasta salad looks soooo good my mouth is watering haha

  23. Guadalupe Ramirez

    how old are you???

  24. You seem to be really anti “chemicals” in your foodie videos recently. Let
    me remind you that all the food you eat is chemicals. I respect your
    decision to buy 100% pure cocoa powder but the lifestyle you lead is very
    expensive, not something everyone can afford. So I just wanted to let you
    know that saying “make sure that blah blah blah is 100% pure natural and
    basically from Whole Foods or farmer’s markets” is in my opinion not suited
    to videos with such a wide variety of audiences.

  25. Sounds kinda weird when ingrid says “fricken” cuz she has like this
    innocent girl image. 

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