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Kids Lunches

Easy Lunch Ideas for School

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  1. @Bibi Iqra Nope, I liveD there though. I have pretty clear memories of Hong
    Kong though 🙂 Are you from Hong Kong?

  2. @Alyana Kirsten Yeah, I think mine is the replica of Yakult! xD

  3. Idk why but that rice paper looks like a fly wrapped up in cobweb 🙂 it
    looks yummy though xD

  4. Thankyou for the tips this looks verry delicious and healty!

  5. Jabraya MacDonald

    did you eat the paper

  6. Ohh Verry cool :D

  7. I’m starving and I just watched that video. 

  8. omg is that 2pm’s comeback when you hear the song in background?….. i
    love it

  9. That last idea though my family makes it all the time LOLOLOLOLOLOL 

  10. Felicia Marguerite

    I love those little yogurt milk drink things they are so good

  11. ahhh! 2PM background music i love it!

  12. Ugh this looks really good! But I’m always so tired that I just go to bed
    without making any food. I’m always saying “it’s okay Sam just go to bed
    and do it tomorrow”

    I’m so tired on the next day that I decide to sleep only 5 more minutes
    (you know where this is going) Instead of sleeping 5 minutes I end up
    sleeping at least 30 min.

    So I’m kinda spending all my money on the cafeteria .-. #Firstworldproblem

    I think I should really buy this tea that you recommended.

  13. I have never heard of rice paper but it sounds nice

  14. Omg you speak Cantonese too!!x Loved this video :)

  15. this was so helpful. THANK YOU.

  16. you said tortillas so hispanicly lol 

  17. your perfect!

  18. your so beautiful, your ideas are very helpful thank you <3 

  19. i love that yogurt drink! it tastes so so awesome! i always buy the big
    packs and they’re gone within the day ehe 🙂
    loved these snack ideas! (i say snack, because i’d easily all of that in
    one sitting! they look so yummy) x

  20. stupidscrewedseries

    Tortillas are supposed to be heated up on the stove before eaten.

  21. Very helpful! School lunch is almost 3 bucks, and it’s tiny portions of
    gross food! Trying to mostly pack my own food this year.

  22. Jillian Fitchette

    Recipes again… 😛 I love you <3

  23. I love you!

  24. the yoghurt drink is so good! it’s like yakult or vitagen here in
    singapore, my father will buy 5 packs and it will be gone within 2 days XD

  25. Can you recommend some online shopping website that you like ? I like
    yesfor.com is a good website. Love you

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