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Kids Lunches

EasyLunchboxes Presents Healthy, Fresh and Waste Free Lunches by “Lunchbox Leverage”

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  1. Caramelize 4 onions, finely chopped in oil Chop finely 1 entire small
    cabbage. Add as much garlic as you want to + a bit of salt and whatever
    you like. Add to onions once caramelized; keep stirring until soft. Add an
    entire small bottle of ketchup (from Health Food Store if poss) Serve with
    tortilla chips. Keeps for several weeks in airtight container.

  2. Sofia Maranda Marie

    Of I was given beets and spinach I’d throw it away. Sorry guys but I hate
    those 2 veggies

  3. Ow lucky those kids are

  4. Put some lemon juice on it :’)

  5. Sofia Maranda Marie

    If* I didn’t mean to put of I ment if! Sorry lol

  6. Oh,,,Sorry, I forgot the main ingredient… TOFU! Chop up a brick of tofu
    and wipe it dry…Put it trough a Kitchen Aid chopper (or any chopper)….
    It will become granular. Add it in before the ketchup! Tasty and kids will
    not even know they’re eating tofu. Neither do I 🙂

  7. Kimberly Patterson

    How do they expect kids to heat the food up at school? I have never seen a
    school that will allow kids to heat up food that they bring from home. 🙁

  8. $7?? That is expensive. Exactly why obesity is on the rise because
    affordable food is bad for us, such as bread and pasta.

  9. I’ve made Mac and cheese bites 🙂

  10. Squirt a little lemon juice on it and it wont turn.

  11. Love it!

  12. 2:14 maybe u have to eat this healthy food ; )

  13. Sensible school lunches?! I have to be in a different dimension.

  14. that looks no enough for lunch..well, my lunch.. >_<

  15. apple cheese? wtf

  16. To be fair my kids would eat that. My kids play outside and are naturally
    very thin, glad to see something that doesn’t restrict calories, as they
    don’t need to watch calories, they have high metabolisms.

  17. Since when is Seattle in the 80s in sep I live here!!

  18. I feel like I’m watching The Onion.

  19. I think Bento is better :3 but this is cool still lol

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  21. Sprinkle some lemon juice on it it wont get brown.

  22. You can put a little bit of lemon juice on any fruit to prevent that.

  23. how do the apple slices not go brown?

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